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Dog Coughing Sounds: Kennel Cough, Heart Disease, Bronchitis, Tracheal Collapse

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 Go here to upload along with leaving a brief description of your pet and what’s happening in the video In this video you can hear what Kennel cough, Bronchitis, Allergic Airway Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, and Tracheal Collapse sounds like in dogs.… [Read more]

Neighbor Killed Dog. No Justice.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 CBC article by Hazel Hollingdale ‘Our neighbour killed our dog. Then the criminal justice system failed her and our family’ Animal Welfare Resources Humane Canada Humane Society of the United States Humane Society International Animal Legal Defense Fund World Animal Protection Animal Welfare Institute American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… [Read more]

Attention: Pet Food Product Recall

Friday, October 16th, 2020 On September 2, 2020, Sunshine Mills announced a pet food product recall of its three pet food brands after a retail product sample was found by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry to contain an unsafe level of aflatoxin. And on October 8, Sunshine Mills expanded its recall to include additional 21 products. Sunshine Mills Inc. which is headquartered… [Read more]

Dog-Food Recall Now Includes 18 Brands

Friday, October 16th, 2020 FDA Alert: Certain Lots of Pet Food from Multiple Brands Recalled for Aflatoxin… .. The FDA recently expanded a Dog Food Recall to include nearly 20 brands of Dog Food manufactured by Sunshine Mills. Dr Jones shows you what went wrong, and how you can ensure this doesn’t happen to your dog.… [Read more]

Podcast 95: New Remedies for Vomiting/Diarrhea, Castor Oil for Pets, Delay Spay and Neuter?

Thursday, October 15th, 2020 Hello and Welcome to Dr Jones’ Veterinary Secrets Podcast- This is episode 95 In today’s podcast we are talking about what you should do IF your dog has vomiting and diarrhea…What is CASTOR Oil and HOW it can be so helpful for your pets… When should you neuter your dog to avoid health risks? Veterinary Secrets is on all your… [Read more]

[FALSE?] Panacur for Cancer

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 Dr Jones Free Book Is the inexpensive dog dewormer Panacur (fendbendazole) really a potential treatment for cancer, or is this just an internet myth. Dr Jones shares his thoughts, including dog and cat doses of Panacur for Cancer.… [Read more]

Arthritis Pain Stopped Naturally

Friday, October 9th, 2020 Dr Jones has a underlying health condition.. plantar fasciitis…He tries a potential new remedy for arthritis pain in dogs, cats and people. Does it work?… [Read more]

Best Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids Sources for your Pets

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 Omega 3 essential fatty acids can do wonders for your cats and dogs. They are called essential because they NEED to be in your pet’s diet. They play key health roles, being responsible for your pet’s healthy fur and coat and could reduce excessive shedding. Essential fatty acids could also help with dry skin and dandruff which is pretty common… [Read more]

[Ep 94] Dr Jones’ Veterinary Secrets Podcast

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 Hello and Welcome to Dr Jones’ Veterinary Secrets Podcast- This is episode 94 In today’s podcast..what is the Antioxidant, ASTAXANTHIN, and how can it help your pet. Holistic Weight Loss Answers. New Natural and Effective Tick Remedy. Is veterinary care getting TOO expensive? Subscribe Free to Veterinary Secrets Podcast on Spotify Subscribe Free to Veterinary Secrets Podcast on iTunes Subscribe… [Read more]

Dog Scammers

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 .. Scammers have now entered into the world of pets by scamming unsuspecting future pet parents. Here are 5 Big Red Flags to watch for and what you can do to AVOID being the victim of puppy fraud.… [Read more]

Essential Fatty Acids: Why Your Pets Need This

Monday, October 5th, 2020 What are essential fatty acids? Essential fatty acids are dietary fats (or lipids) considered as macronutrients that primarily help provide energy and other health benefits to your pets. There are several kinds of lipids including phospholipids, cholesterol, fats, oils but what you should consider supplementing is Omega 3 fatty acid. These essential fatty acids are commonly found in fish oil,… [Read more]

Itchy Dog? This may be The Answer

Friday, October 2nd, 2020 Dr Jones’ New Supplement Dr Jones is always searching for things..such as NEW REMEDIES for Dogs with Allergic Skin Disease. Magnesium for Dog Atopy, dose of 5mg/lb a day Aloe Vera as topical humectant for Atopy Krill Oil an effective anti-inflammatory for Dogs with Allergy, dose 500mg/50lbs twice daily… [Read more]

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