Toxic Dog Treats

The FDA has reported over 1,100 dogs dying from imported toxic dog treats – and no one has yet been able to identify the cause. Dr Jones shows you what to avoid, what is safe, and what you should be feeding your dog.

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Best Wishes, Dr Andrew J

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FDA News Release:

14 thoughts on “Toxic Dog Treats”

  1. Hi Dr,

    I hv seen also treats from USA but at the back of very very small print stated “made in china”

    Maybe u can highlight too because many people dont look at the small print or do very detail check.


  2. it was so sad to see her go down so fast after we found it. I make all their treats home made now. When we do buy we buy made in North America! Thanks for the lesson and making everyone aware of what comes out of China.

  3. Really appreciate the info in your u-tube presentation. I will make a good effort to find the the little “made in china” labels.

    Your point re if you can make the treat at home with natural ingredients you won’t be giving your dogs toxins-so simple and safe.

    You can take this out of my comments if you decide to put this on your web site. Maybe I did not see this correctly but it looks like your pooch is not seat belted in the car. I know there is some controversy about this. Could you maybe do a u-tube regarding this. I had basset hounds that I belted into the back seat to keep then from becoming a missile if I was in a car accident. Are the seat belts strong enough

  4. Thank you for the reminders about dog treats, especially for the smaller ones!!! You mentioned before in a video to remind us that treats can be a piece of raw (or cooked) meat or carrots or other food that is a treat. I like the one ingredient treat especially since it is from NZ animals.
    Also, it is good to remember much of our food (USA) is coming in from China, so consider the consequences if purchasing it. As Dr. J says, buy locally. And I love that the lady above makes her own treats at home. Brava to you, Katherine!
    You are fantastic, Dr. Jones!!! Keep up the great work! I am thankful every day that you are doing this work instead of being a vet in a clinic pushing Big Pharma on your Rx pad. Your moral compass is true north! Thank goodness for all of us out here!

  5. Thank you! It’s common sense one would think. My dogs love carrots – I buy the small organic baby carrots…they go crazy over them. 🙂
    Thank you Dr. Jones!

  6. One of the biggest problems recently, here in the USA, is some of the big box stores are not even printing where our human food is from. Yesterday, I almost bought two different items without an expiration date. WE NEED TO BOYCOTT THESE CORPORATIONS!!! Also, we need to look for the state laws regarding the corporations bad business practices.

  7. I always check where a food or treat is sourced before buying. At CVS, they have bagged treats with an American flag on front and back. In very fine print they say “made in China.” So don’t let the symbols fool you. Look all over for it to say Made in USA or go to LOCAL pet emporium and quiz an employee.

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