Toxin Identified In Pet Food Recall

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Toxin Identified In Pet Food Recall


A press conference has announced that the toxic agent has been identified.

The agent is reported to be aminopterin, a compound similar to methotrexate.

It forms a crystalluria at toxic doses, resulting in nephrotoxicity. (kidney Damage)

Aminopterin is used as a rodenticide. ( Rat Poison)

Here is what is known about this toxin..

Aminopterin (4-aminopteroic acid) is an inhibitor of folic acid synthesis.

What is it used for now?

It is predominantly used as a rodenticide in some countries. This use is not
legal in the United States or Canada.

At high doses, this toxin results in deposition of a toxic metabolite in
the renal tubules, resulting in crystalluria and acute renal failure.

It also affects cells that multiply quickly.
This leads to cell death of rapidly-dividing cells (blood cells, gastrointestinal cells).

Aminopterin treatment.

The nephrotoxicity is treated with aggressive hydration and diuresis to dissolve
and remove the crystals from the tubules.

Folinic Acid (not FOLIC ACID), leucovorin, can be considered prophylactically,
to prevent or minimize myelosuppression and mucositis. Antibiotic therapy may be
necessary in cases of severe neutropenia. Folinic acid (leucovorin) doses are
1 mg/kg/day, orally.

And here is some more background on the story..

Menu Foods manufactures ???œcuts and gravy???? type dog and cat foods for many brand
name and private label pet food lines.

The equipment needed to manufacture these foods is very specialized and that
Menu Foods manufactures the foods to the specifications of each individual company
using ingredients specified and, in many cases, provided by the company contracting
with Menu Foods.

When did the Company first Notice a problem?

At the end of February, a new flavored pet food produced by Menu Foods,
for an undisclosed company, was undergoing feeding trials and several
cats in the feeding trial developed renal failure.

As the renal failure was observed only in cats on the as-yet-unreleased trial diet,
Menu Foods believed this ???œproblem???? was isolated to that single new food that was not
yet on the market. This food was withdrawn from further testing and never marketed.
There was no indication at that time of a more generalized issue.

But why did it take another month for the problem to recognized and reported,
and the recall initiated?

It is possible that the wheat gluten suspected of being the source of the offending agent did not enter the
manufacturing process until December and that it takes up to three months for pet food
to reach store shelves after manufacture.

This explains the lag time between initial detection in the laboratory setting and the
general population.


P.S. Here is a new list of the affected foods..

Recalled Cat Product Information
Recall Information 1-866-895-2708

Variety or Multi-Packs:

If you are in possession of a variety or multi-pack, please be sure to check the individual can or pouch rather than relying solely on the date coding on the side of the carton.

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
2. Authority
3. Best Choice
4. Companion
5. Compliments
6. Demoulas Market Basket
7. Eukanuba
8. Fine Feline Cat
9. Food Lion
10. Foodtown
11. Giant Companion
12. Hannaford
13. Hill Country Fare
14. Hy-Vee
15. Iams
16. Laura Lynn
17. Li’l Red
18. Loving Meals
19. Meijer’s Main Choice
20. Nutriplan
21. Nutro Max Gourmet Classics
22. Nutro Natural Choice
23. Paws
24. Pet Pride
25. Presidents Choice
26. Price Chopper
27. Priority US
28. Save-A-Lot Special Blend
29. Schnucks
30. Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans
31. Sophistacat
32. Special Kitty Canada
33. Special Kitty US
34. Springfield Prize
35. Sprout
36. Stop & Shop Companion
37. Tops Companion
38. Wegmans
39. Weis Total Pet
40. Western Family US
41. White Rose
42. Winn Dixie

Recalled Dog Product Information
Recall Information 1-866-895-2708

Variety or Multi-Packs:

If you are in possession of a variety or multi-pack, please be sure to check the individual can or pouch rather than relying solely on the date coding on the side of the carton.

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
2. Authority
3. Award
4. Best Choice
5. Big Bet
6. Big Red
7. Bloom
8. Cadillac
9. Companion
10. Demoulas Market Basket
11. Eukanuba
12. Food Lion
13. Giant Companion
14. Great Choice
15. Hannaford
16. Hill Country Fare
17. Hy-Vee
18. Iams
19. Laura Lynn
20. Loving Meals
21. Meijers Main Choice
22. Mighty Dog Pouch
23. Mixables
24. Nutriplan
25. Nutro Max
26. Nutro Natural Choice
27. Nutro Ultra
28. Nutro
29. Ol’Roy Canada
30. Ol’Roy US
31. Paws
32. Pet Essentials
33. Pet Pride – Good n Meaty
34. Presidents Choice
35. Price Chopper
36. Priority Canada
37. Priority US
38. Publix
39. Roche Brothers
40. Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels
41. Schnucks
42. Shep Dog
43. Springsfield Prize
44. Sprout
45. Stater Brothers
46. Stop & Shop Companion
47. Tops Companion
48. Wegmans Bruiser
49. Weis Total Pet
50. Western Family US
51. White Rose
52. Winn Dixie
53. Your Pet

P.P.S. This is a completely tragic avoidable calamity.
The company was aware of a problem in feeding trials, and
made no attempt to warn the public.

I will keep you posted as the issue progresses.

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Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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1 thought on “Toxin Identified In Pet Food Recall”

  1. My 15 year old lab died last month. Why? The vet claims fluid in the chest. But he stopped eating and drinking water. Didn’t move. He was eating Nutro dry dog food. The vet claims it came on “suddenly.” No warning. We then gave him gravy dog food to get him to eat. So we’re unsure why he died. In fact, no one will know until we hear more, or as I say, the real facts will come out. I will bet every dollar I have that there is MORE contamination with this recall. Why did it take three months to hear about this poisoning by CHINA? The food was contaminated since Dec. 2006. My family now has a new lab. We paid $850 and are training her again. Keep in mind, families with pets, especially dogs, give them training. This is costly. A good dog, requires special care, food and training. Imagine if our dear lab was a service dog? What would the cost be to replace him then? These dogs cost $50K up to replace. It is not like going to the pound and getting a replacement.

    I am so upset. Now I hear on my local news (not national) as well as international (Canadian) that it “might” be in the human food supply? They can’t rule this out? Let’s see. Where is our Homeland Security dept? Where is our Dept. of Agriculture?

    I read last week that one of the US processing plants for dog food which was part of this recall was located in Kansas. Apparently, this same plant was fined years ago for contaminated cow food, and the FDA or dept of agriculture had to intervene and warn them not to mix certain feed in their product for cattle.

    Mad cow?

    There is definitely more to come from this CHINA poisoning.

    I don’t believe anything they tell me.

    My otherwise healthy lab is gone and I’m now left wondering who is watching out for Americans!

    Washington, State

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