Vet gets Licence Back

Source: CBC News

A Vancouver veterinarian’s licence has been reinstated after a nasty battle with the College of Veterinarians of B.C.

Hakam Singh Bhullar alleged racial bias was behind the allegations that lead the college to revoke his licence in Dec. 2009. He has been performing administrative duties since then.

An inquiry by the college found Bhullar guilty of 17 infractions, including botched surgery, poor record keeping and unethical marketing.

But the B.C. Supreme Court has overturned the inquiry’s findings because some of the veterinarians on the panel retired before the investigation was completed.

Bhullar is celebrating the decision.

“I believe in the justice system, and I believe in Canada, the Canadian justice system, and justice is done. I’m innocent and because I was the leader of the Indo-Canadian doctors group, that’s why they took my licence,” he said.

The BC Human Rights Tribunal is reviewing Bhuller’s claim of racial bias.

The college said it would comment sometime Wednesday.

P.S. There are so many aspects to Dr Bhullar’s case and story. Alleged infractions, a finding of professional misconduct…But then these decisions were made with a primarily Anglo Saxon council not especially enamoured with Dr Bhullar running a Low Cost Animal Hospital..

I am sure he has personally incurred tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills, and had many a sleepless night.

He has many a supporter, especially grateful pet owners, and good for him for getting his licence back…Especially if he really is a competent Veterinarian providing quality services.

I am curious as to what you all might think of this, and if you think I should be consulting another lawyer for a second opinion?

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Dr Andrew J

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  1. From the article I have read, if you want my opinion I think you don’t have the same chances that the other vet had because you are white and cannot invoke “racism”. Sad but seems true.

  2. I’ve got to disagree with you on this one. The guy sounds like a flake who got his license back on a technicality. Using the “race card” as a defense sounds weak to me.

  3. I am a little concerned about this story. It is hard to say without knowing all the facts, but if there were, in fact, botched surgeries it makes me wonder about his competency and whether or not he SHOULD have gotten his license back. I believe your case is very different. I think in your case, they just didn’t like the way you were doing things but in his case, were animals harmed? Again, hard to say without all the facts. Either way, I think you should definitely seek a second opinion — isn’t that what you would recommend if we were talking about my pet’s health? Then I think that’s what you should do when talking about your life and your career. I think what you are doing is great and I hope that you continue with your work — with or without a license.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Yes this is a different case, and if there are real competency questions, then a Veterinarian should not be practicing. As in my case, yes the College did not like what I was doing, although they framed it as ‘all about marketing’….Yes no animals were ever harmed, and the College investigation was not about my skills or competency.

      I am going to talk to another lawyer this week about a 2nd opinion.

      Thanks for the comments. 🙂

      Dr Andrew

  4. It’s worth a shot. What do you have to lose? A second opinion would be something I would do especially after being treated so unfairly. If more doctors win their cases, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick going to the jugular.

  5. It would be worth a second opinion. You cannot proceed with a “race’ issue, but you were not running a low cost clinic, you were definitely helping people and helping pets. Especially in these economic times, tips for home health care is what every vet should be putting out there. I was in the vet profession for 20 years.

  6. Yes definitely. Your too good at what you do to not seek another opinion. It has many of the same inuendos regarding not playing by the conservative money manking rules, and taking a stand that you also did. Any more that I can do just let me know. I think you will find that we can still let our voices be heard, we just need to have a little guidance. My cats were and are better for having found you.

  7. yes yes, consult another lawyer for sure…i think just b/c you had another opinion on how to practice vet care means there are many lawyers out there who will also have a second opinion on how to practice law. Go for it!

  8. Go for it
    AS difficult as it will be this other vets experience tells us that the college needs a shake up
    Your influence is greater as a practicing vet.
    Good luck
    I wrote a letter of support to your college and also asked some questions I never got a response back which indicates a dis regard for the public and public perception

  9. Duhhhhh. What have I been telling you in the emails I’ve sent you.
    They are counting on you to just go away so they can use you as an example not to mess with the College of Veterinary Medicine and to do only exactly as they say.

    You have not put the lives of any of your patients in danger. The burden of proof is on THEM. In addition, reread the other emails I sent you please.
    Remember, you earned your license. It wasn’t a freebee of the College of Vet.Medicine. You have the degree.

    Is Vancouver anywhere near you? Try to get this vets lawyer. Either way, they travel these days and many are licensed in more than one province.

    I told you that you need a no nonsense bully lawyer who is super confident that he can get your license back. Don’t do it until you find THAT lawyer.

    Contingency Contingency Contingency

    I am routing for YOU.

  10. ABSOLUTELY………you should consult with another lawyer. I believe in the judicial system and you should use whatever avenue there is to prove your case. Seems these people do not like individuals who provide low cost anything. They are after the big almighty $$$$ and do not seem to like their practices infringed upon. Give it another try………..remember the “squeaky wheel” concept. Good luck and God Bless, my friend!!!!

  11. Yes, you should have your licese re-instated. They should never have been revoked when you provided honest information to the pet owners. That is what we want honesty and alternatives. The College of Veterinarians of B.C. should be reviewed for outdated practices. Vet practices should be going with the way of the times not “what we have always done”. That is not working especially when we have so many things against us like the pet food industry putting anything and everything in our pet foods just to make the almighty dollar. We need good vets like you. Maybe they should review some of vets that don’t have real interest in providing our pets the best. My prayers are with you.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for the vote of support. I have been very transparent and honest- hence using my real name on the Internet, saying that I was a practicing Veterinarian, as I believed that was the RIGHT thing to do. My College didn’t hold that same belief…hence I am now the Internet House Dad 🙂

      I’ll keep you posted on a second opinion.

      Dr Andrew

  12. Duhhhhh. What have I been telling you in the emails I’ve sent you. You, too, have been discriminated against.
    They are counting on you to just go away so they can use you as an example not to mess with the College of Veterinary Medicine and to do only exactly as they say. Nazi.

    You have not put the lives of any of your patients in danger. The burden of proof is on THEM. In addition, reread the other emails I sent you please.
    Remember, you earned your license. It wasn’t a freebee of the College of Vet.Medicine. You have the degree.

    Is Vancouver anywhere near you? Try to get this vets lawyer. Either way, they travel these days and many are licensed in more than one province.

    I told you that you need a no nonsense bully lawyer who is super confident that he can get your license back. Don’t do it until you find THAT lawyer.

    Contingency Contingency Contingency

    I am routing for YOU.

  13. Yes I would get another attorney if this guy can get his licence back with all the crap he has done and really bad practice when the only thing you did was trying to help people learn more about their pets and know what to do to help them when something goes wrong. Yes seek another attorney maybe you need to get this guy attorney.

  14. Racial bias is an easy one to fight, because its almost guaranteed to be at play and also is such a sensitive issue. To be brutally honest, and not knowing Dr Bhullar or his case at all, I’d say he would almost certainly have a strong case with an all white panel. Botched operations are relatively easy to prove, but no-one has actually suggested that you have botched anything, have they?
    Being not just white, but blonde the racial card isn’t going to be a great deal of help to you. What you need to decide is whether you can prove that they are being unreasonable in condemning you to a lay audience. It seems to me that if they are unable to cite examples of when your actions have harmed an animal in your care then their criticism amounts to prejudice. But I am not a lawyer, so maybe I am being over reasonable?
    In the UK we have homoeopathic vets who find themselves under attack (along with human homoeopaths) because the system is seen to be unproven. But at least so far they have faught off the critics. Maybe it might be worth looking at what is going on here? Canadian law is largely based on british principles, so it ought to be relevant.

  15. I don’t feel I know enough about this to comment. At first when I read the headline, I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU and was so disappointed when it wasn’t! It might be worthwhile to consult another solicitor – if you can afford it. Good luck.

  16. Well you won’t be able to claim racial bias. 🙂 I would think the legal question is whether the College’s standard of enforcement is consistent and impartial. A lawyer would have to advise you on whether this is determinable. If you want to do some amateur lawyering, head down to the law library, learn how to find cases, and pull up cases about veterinary colleges. See if you see your situation in any of those cases.

    1. Your response is well thought out- I will put that to a lawyer with experience dealing with professional colleges. As to the law library, I prefer to read more enjoyable material…

      Thanks again

      Dr Andrew

  17. I’m not sure why you lost your license. If it is what I think, your approach to more of a natural way of treating problems in animals, I say yes definitely, find a lawyer who understands and agrees with your feelings.

    If you lost your license due to other reasons, you should consult another lawyer.

    I somehow missed the reason for your losing your license. I had received your letters before and after that happened but apparently failed to read the ones addressing that occurrance

    I agree with you that our animals should be treated with loving care and natural methods.

  18. You should absolutely continue fighting, while you cannot claim race as a reason for them taking your license away, they were certainly bias because you were perhaps making more than a bunch of “do-gooders” sitting on their bums with nothing else better to do. Good luck!

  19. It’s hard to know whether Dr Bhullar is guilty without knowing more about him personally, but if this guy could be given his licence back based on what is essentially a technically, then you – who have a sterling record and have not been accused of anywhere near the same sort of crimes – should be given a second chance.
    I think a second lawyers’ opinion would be valuable.
    If the College of Veterinarians is showing bias against you because they don’t like your methods and not because you have breached any rules, a court could be the best place to fight them.

  20. Dr. Andrew, you should do what you want to do. If you want to legally and actively pursue your career as a vet, nothing should stand in your way. I don’t feel you were “let go” for any good reason. A practitioner should be able to practice and if their practice prolongs the life, health and well being for our pets, we should be able to get that care from someone we trust and have faith in. That’s you!!!

  21. I feel you never should have lost your license and that the decision against you had been based on two issues-mainly 1) Envy of your successful internet business of advice and sales at a low cost–something many of the association’s members lack-namely the technological prowess and the personal incentive to achieve your goal and 2) the fact that you dared to criticize veterinary profession–such Cheek!—Bravo to you! and yes, I feel you should pursue having the decision ovedrturned–unless it would be a too-heavy financial burden.

  22. Dear Dr.Jones, Yes I think that all people need to have options in their personal care and the care for their animals…years ago the natrual healers were considered quacks..look now what has happened to that branch of care ..a person can hardly get an appiontment with some…work programs cover things like really need to keep fighting these narrow minded old boys club I am sure that you are not the only one who feels this way just the most brave..Cheers and good luck..Susan

  23. Dr. Jones – If all your clients in BC get together and support
    you and if we are allowed, all your non-BC “clients” who find your emails, etc. interesting and helpful are allowed to join in,
    you should definitely get another opinion. I for one, would
    support you even though I live in Ontario. The information
    you are dispensing through your emails and other means are
    all good, helpful and in some cases Common Sense, except we just do not think about the way you present it.
    GOOD LUCK or as we used to say in England “Keep your pecker up”

  24. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD KEEP FIGHTING! I even go to a medical doctor here in the US who treats with all natural products(he sells) and natural treatments and it is paid for by MEDICARE. He practices, on humans, what you practice on pets! Here is the website of a longtime vet aquaintance who also practices with nothing but natural prevention and sells his own products, we also sell them and have many, many return customers:
    Hope you can glean some info from this—Angela.

  25. Don’t forget to sue for lost income, reputation, clients (they have gone to other vets),harassment.
    Not to mention the emotional, physical and financial effects their frivolous lawsuit has taken on you and your entire family.

    They have you thinking negatively. Don’t do that.
    Put them in their place, which is not in your business.

  26. It can’t hurt to consult and get a second opinion. Please do not give up. I know this is easier said than done, especially when your finances have been significantly limited. Pet owners need more Vets that are willing to stand up and go against the grain to treat our pets when conventional methods don’t work, or worse yet, hurt our pets even more!
    If you ask me, the College of Veterinarians needs to be teaching these alternate methods themselves, they should be punished for not meeting the demand and providing the education. They are short changing the Vets of the future, the pets and their owners, not you!

  27. Yes, I agree that staying strong to your truth and to continue the battle is how you can open the door to the inevitable changes that are needed. It is mainly a matter if you still have the will and financial means to be able to do this. You are needed and could be the one to pave the way for other veterinarians.

    I live in central Mexico and we are returning back to the U.S due to the exhausting animal rescue efforts that is overwhelming. Five years of battling for animal rights and improvements has taken it’s toll on me physically and left me emotionally depleted. There are so many problems regarding the treatment of animals here. However, being an extreme Country, they appear to be more advance with alternatives than its Northern sister Countries. My vet is very informed and encouraging for alternatives. In addition, there has been a dog therapy program that has started down here and the schools have recognized the difference with problem children by having this program. This Country, too, is beginning to change. It has taken the patience and determination to begin this type of program.

    As a matter of fact, I am trying to locate a TENS/EMS unit for my Border Collie that has spinal degeneration and an atrophying left lateral leg, which was recommended by my veterinarian here. I found only one company out of Germany that carries a PT2010 & PT200 combo unit developed for pets. It is extremely expensive and I haven’t been successful to find another. The electrodes are developed to work perfectly with fur not being a problem.

    I do hope you can fight the battle. It will make a difference for the future of our loving four legged family. It is the 100th monkey syndrome. I do believe there are many of us that support you. I have sent your email to many friends and family.

    After we move to Santa Fe, NM, I will be purchasing your health supplements for my pets. Thank you for all that you do.

    Sincerely yours,

    Shar Crone

  28. If you can afford it, you should feep fighting. I do not agree with the College of Veterinarians of B.C. because you give safe and very informative alternatives to people to keep their pets from relular veterinian practices. I do not aprove giving shots every year and feed my dog and cat top quality food. Raw in most cases, especially for my dog. Most Vets are more interested in making money and do not worry how they do it, and when one does not conform to their way of thinking they get upset. I still agree with you and your practice.

  29. It’s always a good idea to request second opinions on important matters that are going to affect your life…personally and medically. I don’t go along with pulling the race card when it’s merits or demerits that are in question and frankly, race is not the issue here. So, it’s my personal opinion that when your livelihood is in jeopardy, you should go to any ligitimate length to find resolve, including second or third opinions.

  30. Thank you for soliciting comments about such a personal matter. (personal in the sense that it’s you and your family that will incure the cost and perhaps unwanted publicity). Yes I do believe you should legally proceed to remove the idiotic decision made by the BC college. I don’t know if any Vets came to your defence but I can truely say that the 2 vets we’ve taken our pets too here in Ont. have heard of you and agree with many of your holistic methods. I know our pets have benefited from you views and suggestions that we follow. If you proceed we’ll be in your corner. GOOD LUCK whatever decision you make!

  31. This reverse decision steps in line with ‘social justice’ and the courts cowarding to a ‘racial bias’charge. if there were racial bias he would not have been hired in the first place. Alas, its analogous to 9/11 termed a terrorist attack but the Ft. Hood shooter, as he’s yelling Allah Akbar guns down defensless soldiers, is NOT (yet) labeled a terrorist attack.
    You are either for social justice OR equal justice, hearin the battle lines are drawn. One is sophomoric at best, the other is TRUE freedom.
    I would examine his record and client complaints. If you haven’t noticed white men esp. in the US are current true victims of racial profiling.

  32. Yes. Find an attorney with a big pet family and offer to do trade! Seriously, it might not be a bad idea to find out who his lawyer was…those are serious allegations against that man…using the words “affordable” and “safe” are inconsequential compared to that (they really always were actually, I’ve never been able to understand the issue with that as I think it is assinine) on top of the self laudatory thing is baloney. They have tried to put themselves in the position of being God and I don’t know how you get more self laudatory than that!
    I know many in your area would be pulling for you as well as those of us state side!

  33. I think you should get a second opinion lawyer. Why not? We do so in Medicine.

    I don’t see how what you do is WRONG. Medicine comes in many ways, shapes and forms. We, as humans, have many options to help keep us healthy, why not our pets-animals.

    Are they afraid you will be taking business away from them. There are lots of people that have animals that need Veterinary care, that Veterinarian(s) that don’t totally agree with their way of doing things, is going to HURT the profession. Come on, get real.

    People have to make the ultimate choice(s) for the health care of their animals.

    FIGHT, Fight, Fight!

  34. Yes! Please consult another lawyer. If you are reinstated, perhaps you can work from within the system to change the unfair practices of the College. It is a tremendous waste of your education, training, experience and dedication to animals for you not to be a practicing veterinarian.

  35. I am not sure there is a fair comparison between Hakam Singh Bhullar’s case and yours. You chose to resign because you had serious ethical and philosophical issues with the way the College of Veterinarians was limiting your practice. By bringing your case against them again, you will be battling the same people you did before, with the same biases and prejudices they have held against you for some time. I think it would be wise to seek out other vets with a similar philosophy to yours (informing people about the dangers of unnecessary vaccines, the importance of nutrition, and other holistic practices) before tackling the College of Veterinarians again. It seems that the COV has a vested interest in “conventional” vet practices to the exclusion of holistic care, and that they seem to want to limit what you say to your patients and how you practice out of ignorance or perhaps hubris on their part. While it is good to have regulations and a code of conduct in place, it seems to me they are using it inappropriately (although I have not heard their arguments against you from their POV). Unless you are making claims about your products or practices that are untrue, they should have no issue with you and should embrace new ideas that may well work better for their patients. But change frightens people. It seems to me that you have legitimate concerns that they are perpetuating some unsafe, unhealthy, or unenlightened new ideas about how vet medicine can be practiced, and they are unwilling or unable to see that vet medicine is moving in new directions, offering alternative ideas and practices that might be more beneficial to patients but less lucrative to the conventional practices. (There is much more money, for example, in shooting up an animal every year with unnecessary vaccines and then treating the same animal for chronic diseases which the vaccines cause, then advising the animal’s caretaker that there are safer, less costly options to protect and preserve an animal’s health.) Many of us here in the States are looking to alternative medicine for our animals (in addition to conventional medicine), and are having a difficult time finding vets who want to expand their knowledge base. Perhaps, however, you should find some of the vets in the States who are combining conventional and holistic medicine in their practices and see how they deal with opposition to their new ways of approaching animal wellness. It has been my experience that many vets are more focused on disease than disease prevention, more interested in throwing pills at a problem that discovering the underlying issues and treating them as holistically and least invasively as possible. (I think this is true in conventional human medicine as well.) You have an uphill battle, and I think it is worth it. At the same time, if you cannot convince some on the COV that your practices and advice are beneficial, I think you need to realize they wish to remain unenlightened. Save your money and time for another battle with them in a few years when they may be more willing to embrace your philosophy.

  36. I definitely feel you should continue to fight ti get your license back.

    Just think you frightening it would be if they went after homeopathic doctors that treat people! What happened to the freedom to choose health care, whether it be for people or pets? You weren’t forcing your ideas on anyone. You even stated several times that vet care is necessary at times!

  37. Dr. Andrew, I think you should fight.

    You’re a light in the darkness of traditional allopathic veterinary approaches. The ‘system’ retains their mastery over us because we usually don’t fight back when they knock us down. But often they will if you stand up and defy their autocracy.

    I would think that the hundreds of people who are happy with your skills and grateful to you for saving their pets can provide you with so many testimonials that you can use the weight of them to bowl over the Board with the weight of their positive support.

    If you can, I would fight. So many animals depend on you……

    I’m rooting for you in the American Southeast…

    Vicky Rowe
    Holistic Health Coach

  38. His case was overturned on a technicality, which could bee seen as a move to dodge the BC HRT complaint.
    If you could go after an angle such as they violated your human rights to freedom of speech by removing your livelihood for speaking your mind about the profession.
    Sometimes the mere threat of an HRT complaint will motivate them to back off. (I just went through a nasty wrongful dismissal with an HRT complaint and settled quite favourably with NO lawyer aside from an initial consultation to find out where I stood.
    I suggest you call the BC HRT Legal Support hotline (Google it) and speak to an advisor as to whether there is an HRT angle tied to freedom of speech and losing your livelihood. If so, good to go. If not, then it’s poker.
    You have to convince them you have a case and let their lawyers scratch their heads as to whether it would fly. Either way at the HRT the burden of proof is on them once you make the prima facia case and very costly to fight. Free for the complainant…
    The poker thing is all about bluffing without showing your hand. Write them a letter demanding to be reinstated based on a human rights violation without specifically stating what the violation was. They will take that very seriously and immediately the legal wheels ($$) begin turning for them trying to figure it out.
    Give them a figure for remedy you would be seeking as compensation for lost livelihood, stress, general damages (everything you can think of) etc. that you would seek as remedy (on top of reinstatement) at the HRT. Big figure to scare them into settling. (Poker – I raise you six months of lost income at $XXX/month and $XXXX general damages)
    Then give them an easy settlement option of reinstatement plus general damages of $XXX.
    Give them one week to respond or you will register your complaint with the HRT.
    I had a bona fide HRT complaint as leverage (disability) and this worked for me. I settled at 1.5 times what my lawyer initially told me he could get me and he was going to charge $10K.
    Yours is more of a bluff, but it could work as a last resort. Note, you have one year from the date of offense to file an HRT complaint so watch for stalling tactics from their side.
    Food for thought…good luck!

  39. Yes I think that you should keep trying. You have done nothing wrong except follow your convictions.

    We need you to be in your office…!!!

  40. Andrew, keep fighting! Vets like you with enlightened views and broad minds are all too few and we need more of you in practice. WE NEED YOU. Not only do we need you to keep your knowledge of veterinary practice current so you can advise us and keep up with the latest, but we need you for the good you do for animals in a much wider sense, and allowing US to help our pets, not run to the nearest set of drugs or palliative care. I’ve used homeopathic and home remedies alongside vet treatment for the last 15 years and wish that it was seen as more acceptable rather than lunatic fringe by the veterinary profession. KEEP GOING. How can helping animals by any means possible be a conflict of interest with your veterinary training? It’s NOT. They are simply ANNOYED that you’re not helping the practice make money out of prescribing drugs. My very best – and please get in touch via the site as I’d like to speak to you about joint ventures! Bev

  41. In my many, many years of dealing with military and civilian veterinarians in Italy,Germany and the USA I learned to decide who was a dedicated caregiver and who hardly qualified to be more than a meat inspector.There were a few Divas thrown in the mix! Those were the ones to disregard “Pet guardian/owners observations with cool denials/superiority and dispassionate arrogance.
    Taking on the block of mere money makers is a frustrating experience but worthwhile for the preservation of self and integrity.
    God bless the Doctor that has the love and compassionate care for the voiceless at heart, rather than seeing the caregiver as some sort of “Cash cow” ready to sacrifice for the beloved pet.Yes, fight with all your might and get that second opinion.Best wishes,Christel Fiore

  42. Yes, it might very well be worth conslting another attorney. You’ve lost so much-with no respect as to how many pets and theor owners you have helped. Go for it!

  43. If you are passionate about your profession, which there is no question you are, I believe you should do whatever is necessary to get back the license you earned. Wishing you all the best!!!

  44. Andrew – I believe it was a sad day when you were forced to resign from the College rather than pay the unfair fines they levied against you. Since I am working in law myself, I don’t want to say you should consult yet another lawyer and incur more expenses, but at the same time, I would like you to get your licence back and be able to practise again. The animals deserve that!

    You don’t have to say anything derogatory about veterinarians. Just promote your business and help people. You would have a lot of support from former clients, I’m sure.

    You have done a great service for pet owners and your supplement has done wonders for our fosters and our own dogs.

    I wish there was a simple answer, but even if you had to pay the fines, I believe it would be easier for you to cover those fines if you were a practising veterinarian. I’ll bet that if you invited all the people who bought your course, or use your supplement, to make a donation to help pay your fines, you may just find a lot of support that will enable you to practise again.

    Just my humble opinion.

    Carol J.

  45. It was an interesting article to read. To be honest I am suspicious about Dr. Bhullar claiming that the allegations claimed against him was of a racial character. This means anybody of a different race when allegations are raised against him is racially discriminated? I don’t know the doctor but living in a country where many Asians are working as doctors, I simply do not visit them because I think most of them are not proffessional. And to be honest, Asians are the biggest racists I ever met. Why the doctor does not avert the claim that he is unprofessional but instead he is diverting this claim into racial attack? I just don’t understand…He most have a proof to claim such a thing.

  46. Congradulations you never should of lost you

    Keep doing what you are doing and I enjoy getting
    all of the emails.

  47. Dr. Jones,
    It was an interesting article but I think the difference was that Dr. Bhullar alleged racial bias on his claim. It’s taken him 2 years to get his license back…..
    You, on the other hand, are this young good looking white guy….so you can’t claim racial prejudice. And I’m assuming that you do not wish to stop the things that got you into trouble….therefore,it probably wouldn’t do you any good to hire a different attorney…..But, it’s up to you in the long run. I hope you get your license back….so good luck to you.
    Lisa Champ Paluck

  48. I have always heard that you should get a second opinion on important matters. I definately would if I were you.

    Good Luck.
    Jean Heckler

  49. Please consult with several other lawyers to see what your options can be. Its a real shame that you are not practicing. Its really a shame that more vets did not come to your support. Please look at medical doctors who are now expressing concerns over vaccines for humans. Check out Perhaps the members of the B.C. Vet Assoc Board need to be changed, where they have different ideals. Can the Board’s constitution be challenged or a new association set up, for a group of “new ideal” like minded vets.

    Perhaps there are other ways to mass market your vitamin products. We use them for our dogs as part of a healthy diet and they are very healthy. We have your materials also, and rarely see our vet for health issues.

    Thanks so much,


  50. I think the following statement by the college, sums it up pretty well:

    An inquiry by the college found Bhullar guilty of 17 infractions, including botched surgery, poor record keeping and unethical marketing.

    I don’t know for sure what “unethical marketing” is in Canada, but it seems like that’s what they are trying to find you guilty of. If I were you, I’d find out who HIS lawyer is, and use his advise!! Good luck and God Bless!!

  51. I think it would be wise to seek another opinion, as this vet got his licence back on a technicality really, there may be another loop hole that you could use. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good you are, what a good soul you have or what great work you do (You fill all these categories), you still have to look for a trick to get out of a mess and get what you rightfully deserve, like your license. Thank you for all the work that you do for the ordinary pet owner who loves their pets!

  52. Dr. Jones,

    I think it is worth consulting an attorney. The other is a “racial” bias case that always strikes fear into the hearts of the opposition, but your case involves “intellectual bias”, i.e. you think before you treat. I say go for it!

    I wish you the very best in your fight!!
    Elena Ferrante

  53. His case is obviously very different from yours, anyone claiming racism nowdays seems to be able to get away with anything that they want to. However I most certainly would get a second opinion in your case. I do not believe that they had a case against you, and I would certainly open a very large holistic vet practice, and I am sure that you would have a lot of clients in your new venture. Keep fighting.

  54. Racism or not, he botched surgeries. As for you Dr. Jones, please get a 2nd attorney. I have been in the field of law for 24 years and I always believe in getting a second opinion. We do it with doctors so people should do it with lawyers.

  55. If Hakam Singh Bhullar can get his licence back then so can you. Maybe you do need a new lawyer…maybe his lawyer! Good Luck!

  56. Dr. Jones,
    You respectfully attended this college and earned your degree and license. That said, it is worth fighting to retain it. I do not know what exact facts were presented with your past/present attorney however I am confident the college in question does not have a clear enough picture of anything other than their stance on policy and violations. Were you represented in the best possible way? Maybe, maybe not. I would continue to investigate options elsewhere. A history of your performance and results with animals treated should only reflect a positive light on yourself AND the college. If I were them I would take pride in the fact that such a performance comes from one of their students regardless of the fact holistic practices are being used. In fact, how many human doctors do this now? Many, I assure you. It is what the people and pets want and need. So gather your testimonies by the thousands, try to get other holistic practicing doctors support (animal and human) and proceed to implement fund raising sources for your financial support. It gets harder before it gets better but it is up to you to determine if the battle is over or worth fighting! I support the battle if only in spirit.

    May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
    And may the hand of a friend always be near.

    May green be the grass you walk on,
    May blue be the skies above you,
    May pure be the joys that surround you,
    May true be the hearts that love you.

  57. Dr. Jones,

    I read the all the documents you put on the web along with the College’s decision. I wrote a rather large epistle on your behalf to the College, surprise no response! However what I found interesting is that your Attorney agreed with the College on some points, which were facts that were not in dispute, however what I was amazed at is that the College did not bring one Client, Clinician or Person forward that was harmed. So while there have been technical violations I do not think it would stand scrutiny in Open Court. Without a “Body” or their being able to show harm to someone, or something then I think the Court would reverse their actions and demand your reinstatement! If you do not have trust in your Lawyer look for another before you fire him!

  58. I’ve read all of the responses so far and can see that you have gotten a lot of sound advice already but what struck me most was that the College has not adequately presented just cause for why the infractions they accused you of should result in the loss of a license. You have not practiced in any way that was a danger to the animals you care for. Slapping your hands would have been appropriate (if I believed you really did anything wrong). License loss in the instance isn’t. If you can afford another opinion I sure would.

  59. I agree with Freida.
    Contact Dr.Bhullar’s lawyer.
    Have them review your case, I am sure you can get your justice back.
    Best Wishes

  60. I think that you should be practicing because as an informed educated patient I can stay healthier or try to and that goes the same for pet owners (I have 2 dogs).
    I also would ask if you always gave the best care you could and did not make mistakes in the care given then the loss of license in biased by outdated values and not on performance. They refuse to keep up with the times with technology and ways of learning.

  61. Among the complaints against this doctor …”botched surgeries”? This case is completely unrelated to yours. We all know that drugs do animals and people a lot of harm. There is a whole movement towards homeopathy. You provide a very ethical service even if it sometimes contradicts old harmful practices. Kudos to you! I say you keep fighting for your right to practice. The animals and their families need you.

  62. Politicians, architects, specialized doctors (laser eye and more), and many more professionals, some of them caregivers, can advertise their special skills. Why can’t a vet?

    Owners aren’t stupid, but some vets treat us as if we were. Other vets see the relationship between owner and pet as a cooperative one, and pets flourish and owners are happy.

    So, WHY does the BC vet association seem to pick on vets… the one above can use his ethnicity to force the issue, but this blonde white guy has lesser rights.

    How many vets have been wrongfully ousted by the BC vet association? Maybe it’s time to start a BC Alternative Vet Association.

  63. If I or one of my pets were to be facing a life altering procedure, I would sure get a second opinion. Totally depends on your financial ability to support sustained ligigation.
    Good luck

  64. I would also be willing to assist you in your quest for reinstatement by donating money to your defense. Of course I have limited means though a Travesty of Justice has been perpetrated against you so please start a defense fund which I would be willing to donate to help you continue your good works. The world needs men like you that are willing to stand by their convictions to move your profession forward to new paradigms as our companions need an advocate that speaks for them and not some hackneyed and self serving means as proffered by the College!

  65. If they can give the other guy his license back, they can give Dr. Jones his license back. It sounds like he wasn’t any better a vet than Dr. Jones and just happened to be black and conveniently used that to cry, “Racial bias.” That isn’t fair is it? Plus if they took his license away simply because he was black, that is against the law in Canada. The ones who cry “racial bias” are probably racially biased themselves. There are so many different ethnic groups in Canada and people from other countries.
    If he can say it was racial bias because he’s black, if they were all black, Dr. Jones could say it’s racial bias because he’s blonde. The color of the vet’s skin or hair shouldn’t be the issue. That’s kind of Nazi, and in a country like Canada!

  66. Keep fighting for what you believe is right and thank God for people like you, who really cares for the health of the animals and not the profit of what is wrong. Don’t ever give up, we need you and our pets lives depend on people like you.
    God Bless you and you are in my prayers!!! 🙂 Keep up the faith.

  67. I would have a second lawyer,Get Hakam Singh’s lawyer….Make a follow up with him, in the news with your case, HOLISTIC is good for animals and humans.Thank you for all your information.

  68. Dr. Jones, given my own experience with inadequate representation where my lawyer made out very well while I was left with a minimal settlement & a damaged spine, I would definitely suggest you get a second opinion! You don’t want to find out you had a slug of a lawyer after it is all said & done and you end up on the losing end of the lawsuit. Get another opinion now, & if possible try to find out from colleagues if they know anyone who is exceptional in representing medical practicioners. Good Luck!

  69. Andrew, You could probably get a new lawyer and get your license reinstated. However, because they would still insist that you comply with their outdated, insensitive and militant rules, isn’t it better to just practice online? It is frustrating not to be able to actually treat animals but you do so much good for animals in other ways that it might not be worth the struggle to get that license reinstated. That’s just my opinion, but someone must be the voice for natural alternatives for humans and animals. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.

  70. Though I agree with another comment, the racism card is not applicable in this case, discrimination is still at the heart of your case, Doc. Intellectual discrimination is no more palatable than any other kind and if I were being impugned so irrationally and without cause other than PERSONAL PREJUDICE, I would keep at it…I know the lawyers are really the only ones to profit in cases like this but maybe, just maybe because there’s LOTS of publicity and focus on this group of bureaucrats, there’s the opportunity for change and a good lawyer will see the chance to make a name for him/her self in the public eye as well…Tout the staggering stats about how in a time of recession, pet interest items remain hot, hot, hot. Economics, almost conversely, given the environment, are ON YOUR SIDE Doc…Go for it!

  71. I like #56 response to this posting. Seek a 2nd opinion. If you can, challenge the ruling ,your readers will help in whatever way they can. God bless you.

  72. With no detaails or facts as to why this other Vet lost his license I am feeling he got it back only based on racial discrimation ..
    Now with you as you are a pioneer in natural medicine you could pave the way for many natural healing Doctors even human not just pets ..We need this so the best thing I can think of is you maybe contact this other Doctor befriend him and maybe hire his lawyer ..In this you will have another in your corner ..Good luck and pave the way for others smiles …

  73. Dr. Jones,

    I suppose I am on the side of getting another opinion. In the U.S. I’d say fight on the basis of the first amendment. Not sure about Canada and their comparable laws, if any law would be comparable to our first amendment.
    I also agree with Frieda, what about using this guy’s lawyer?
    Gees, I just feel for all your previous clients and their furry friends that can’t visit you professionally anymore. I’d go to you in a heartbeat if you were here. I am also sure this is a daily heartbreak for you. I suppose that is what makes me feel sad.
    Always remember you have all of us on your side!!
    Best wishes. Also, remember you are absolutely RIGHT to fight for the sanity of treating pets with dignity and providing them with the BEST care and not settling for whatever the pharmaceutical industry is trying to shove down our throats and those of our animals!! God bless you for your dedication.

  74. It seems to me that the system needs to be updated. If you fight your case, you have a chance of not only getting back to what you do best, but also making headway to these changes for the evolution of the whole Canadian veterinary industry. We have chosen to allow corporate greed to be our guide, and everything on the planet is pointing to changing that. You could be ahead of the curve with this, or even creating the curve.
    If you have the time and money and energy, I think you should go for it. If you don’t, I imagine you will always wonder, and feel like you were ‘beat up’ by the system. Good luck!

  75. Go For It….see if someone won’t handle it probono.
    I think you have great knowledge and insight and love what you do….BUT…Wisdom is a great thing….you have a choice to make..leave the other vets alone and do your own thing so they can’t say you are maligning them….and stand a chance of getting your lic back….or be confrontive and continue your crusade (which will never be totally successful because of the world being selfish and some people being idiots)…and suffer the consequences….I am behind you 100%!! (for what that’s worth)…Go Get that License!!

  76. Yes Andrew you must definately fight. I am disgusted what they did to you. If I was a client of your practice I would be writing a letter of reference in your defense. I am in Australia and I have learned a lot from your very informative emails. You need lots of ammunition to fight those bastards. Letters from your clients I feel would help. Yes get another opinion from a good lawyer and let them have it. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. In Australia its hard to find a good Vet. A Vet that you have full confidence in. I certainly have full confidence in you. I wish you well.

  77. I don’t know all of the facts surrounding your case. However, if your methods do not cause harm to animals – and apparently they do not – then there has to be some other motive for the board to pull your license. It would be beneficial for an attorney to investigate specifically the motives of the people behind the Board’s action. I suspect it will eventually end up that pet food producers and big pharma pushed buttons & pulled strings. Keep pushing the envelope.

  78. The veterinary world needs to value all the good vets out there, and to let one go such as yourself, shows how blinkered those in authority are. Also it makes me cynical now, of a profession, I’ve always admired. So Andrew seek as much legal advice as possible, as the door may have been closed, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be somehow opened again.

  79. I feel your case and Hakam Singh Bhullar’s case are entirely different. I don’t feel he should have got his license back if he botched some surgeries up and animals were harmed as a result. I also agree with another comment that he was using the “racism card.” In Canada there are many different cultures. I worked for Indo-Canadian lawyers at one time, and they weren’t treated any differently. I would suggest you get another lawyer, but locate a lawyer who specializes in dealing with medical authorities.

  80. Go for it – you’ve nothing to lose and your patients have everything to gain. You’ve bucked the system and no doubt they’ve ganged up against you for it. It’s another form of bullying which is all too pevalent nowadays. You help too many people to just fade away. Good Luck

  81. Yes, you need a good lawyer to sue the unethical veterinarian board that revoked your license to practice good veterinary medicine. You sue for unjustified loss of income, loss of reputation, and any thing else a lawyer can think of. Hit them big time in the pocket book and do not pay their fine.

  82. Yes, I think you should get a second opinion from another lawyer. Two opinions are better than one. As with any profession there are good, better, best. You deserve the best. Vets can charge whatever they want for meds according to a W5 or Marketplace show a year or so ago. So why can’t vets charge whatever they want for office visits, surgeries, etc. Could it be complaints to the BCVC from other practicing vets about what this other was vet was charging that triggered the BCVC to react. If he could charge less and still make a good living then it showed that the other vets were gouging pet owners. You proved to your clients that looking after their pets holistically meant healthier, longer lives for them. As with humans, there are times when Western medicine is called for. Go for it Dr. Jones. To help with ongoing and past lawyer fees is there a way that a fund could be set up through a bank so people like myself and other supporters could make a donation. Just a thought. It would be a way that we could all become participants in your fight for justice.

  83. I definitely think you should consult another attorney! Maybe the same one this guy used or get your attorney to consult with his! I wish you the best and hope you get your license back! You deserve to! Alot of animals need your assistance, and care, that are not getting it now!

  84. I hate to say this because so many people today believe in being “politically correct” rather than honest and truthful. But the fact is that he is middle eastern and he looks the part and no one wants to fight them because they know they will literally fight to the death with no holds barred.

    Sadly, he gets his license back even with a “botched” surgery on record which is most likely true. Because he was working in low cost clinics, and I say this with experience working in animal shelters with low cost clinics, its more likely than not that he did botch the surgery.

    You can give it a shot…talk to a lawyer and see what they think. But my bet is that you will not have nearly the threat factor going for you that he did and they will just keep on steppin.

    Its not a politically correct statement but it is an honest one.
    God bless,

  85. I believe you should keep fighting. This doctor looks suspiciously like a doctor who performed a surgery on a rescue cat that i had. Long story short a staple was left in after the last visit , thank heavens we found it so there may have been a whole lot more then racism going on in that case.

  86. Lawsuits take a lot of time and energy. They come at a high expense, not just money-wise, but emotionally, and for your family. You already know, I’m sure.
    You could pay the fine, recall your resignation, and do what you have been doing, being more diplomatic and sensitive to the feelings and rules of the College when wording your thoughts, or you can continue the fight trying to have the fines revoked or at least reduced.
    I think the fundamental question when fighting the College would be: “How far should the power of the College of Veterinarians go? What makes a good veterinarian, worthy of a license?”
    Getting the right lawyer to take this on would be key.
    You are a passionate individual, you have helped so many pets and pet owners, both as a hands-on and as an internet vet. You are good at being a veterinarian. Not a veterinarian exactly according to the book of the Canadian College of Veterinary Medicine. That’s what makes you so good and invaluable to pets and pet owners!!
    You should continue to practice veterinary medicine (we pet owners would definitely want that).
    You have to find out, which way you want to go to do this.

  87. On another note, Singh Bhullar got his licence back on a legal technicality since the vets retired before the decision was made in Court. I hope he cleans up his act. I would continue fighting, but I would find a lawyer whose level of expertise is fighting against huge medical authorities such as BC College of Physicians and BC Veterinary Surgeons. Call a few law firms in Vancouver and ask who that might be. With the right lawyer, you will get your license back. I am one of your customers and support you 100%.

  88. Dear Dr. Jones DVM
    That is what you are and should do what ever you feel is right in your heart to do. If you were to come to me and ask, I would say yes, keep up the fight! Sadly, the money aspect is important to you and your family, hopefully you will be able to get enough from your holistic practice that you can keep your standard of living and be able to fight the Collage, who sadly have pre-paid attorneys and their means of making a living is not threatened and I think it should be! things would be more equal, I am sure if members on that boards income were threatened that they would consider more carefully their way of looking at things.
    I do not think I would use Dr.Bhullar’s attorney as your case and his are worlds different. You have a valid case and in my opinion, his was questionable. That is the difference between a good attorney and a great attorney. Dr.Jones, you have so much support, I do not know if the collage would be honest about how many letters and emails they have recieved in your support, if truth be told I would hope their computer servers crashed. But what they really should be looking at is if you harmed any critters, or were charging outragous prices, or trying to sell untested products.
    After reading 90% of the replies that have been sent to you by now, I do hope you will dillegently search for an attorney that agrees with why you are choosing to run your clinic(freedom, they still have that in Canada, right?)the way you wish to. You do not force folks to buy your products to see you as their Doctor, right? I am sure you highly recomend it, and it would be different if you forced folks to buy your products if you choose to see you as their Pets Doctor. I do not see how they ever found anything to charge you with.
    Ok, I’ve written my 2 cents worth, now, listen to your heart and choose with your head. Thank you for allowing me to state my thoughts, Sincerely, Your supporter from Montana, Good luck and maay God Bless.

  89. You lost your license to practice because you could not/did not pay an unfair $30K fine the college levied on you. I would say THAT is discrimination. Where do they get off coming up with such a hideous amount? Obviously, they are all about the money! Find another lawyer who is an animal lover and as compassionate as you. If I were that lawyer, this would be a perfect ‘pro-bono’ case.
    You need your license returned. You worked for it and have done NOTHING to harm animals. Go get that second opinion from a ‘bulldog’ lawyer. Good luck!

  90. My thoughts are as I have read your many articles about dog food and unnecessary medication of cats and dogs and the side effect etc.. In the U.K.things are much the same with it comes to holistic treatments, which I personally use if possible.
    However, it did occurs to me that you were at times, sticking your neck out a bit. Is it possible that you could appeal their decision stating that you apologise and say that you will in future you will tone down or somehow let them know that you will not say bad things about manufactures and other vets etc..
    Remember, “there is more than one way to skin a cat”, pardon the expression!
    Best regards and good luck.

    Jacquie Austin United Kingdom.

  91. he is suspect. I don’t believe the government makes you a better vet because they grant a license. The Vet Board is a horse of a different color, but the motives of the members would need to be investigated. I am generally sympathetic to your cause, but the sheer volume of he comments tells us something.

  92. Remember that it’s all about control. The power to license is the power to revoke that license. This all happens under “color of law” (look up that term). In the end, it’s always in the name of protecting us that our freedoms are taken away.

  93. I would seach the Canadian Bar Association and find an animal rights attorney and see if that helps. Or perhaps ask rescue groups if they have a pet friendly or holistic centered lawyer. In the US there are licensed holistic vets that practice a combination of western and holistic veterinary medicine, perhaps a letter from them relating how more animals can be helped with a combination and more vets might be licensed if they had those opportunities available. That would grow the licensing board.

    You might reach out to some of those types of vet in the US and present that as another well received avenue. Give them the opportunity to add to the Veterinary Board rather than point out how they are wrong. Perception…same message…different point of view and non threatening to their “status”.

    Good luck.

    Pat D

  94. I think your case is definitely a much tougher one to win as first off it’s not a race issue or the fact that your incompetent. The problem is you intimidate the industry with natural healing supplements and techniques which I give you so much credit for!! Most doctors and vets alike don’t agree with, or want it assimilated into the industry because there old fashioned and selfish. If they would think about the benefit to the patient instead of their ownselves maybe they would finally see the light!

  95. Yes, I think you should go for it! You have nothing to lose and have too much to offer to let your license revocation go without a fight!

  96. You know that you want to practice again. It is in your heart and soul. YES get a second opinion!We love what you do!

  97. I think you should, indeed, find a lawyer who is totally behind you all the way, and is as passionate in his belief in you, as you are about your philosophy on pet care. Fight, fight, fight!!! You could be the person who might bring this to the forefront and the attention in more than just one country. It could finally expose the unethical way that pet food companies and drug companies “run” Vet colleges, and set their own self-interested value systems in place! I will be sending you thoughts of strength, fortitute and Light.

  98. Hi Dr. Andrew,
    I do agree that this other vet has some different circumstances than you, the one most concerning is botched surgeries, but then there’s the racial card.BUT as a nurse I always say get a second opinion or three. This is your WHOLE life and its what you believed in. If there has been a “changing of the guards” at the College than There is a different set of eyes to look at this. Maybe younger more open minded eyes. But even if not I think that fighting for whats right is ALWAYS the way to go!!! And your ideas and products are whats right!! There isn’t any “botched” anything on your record infact its only whats best for the animales and their families!! You need to want to continue the fight No one would slight you if you didn’t want to go at it again but if you do We are all behind you throu it all!! Your Friends in Colorado. Keep us posted and God bless Jeff and Cindi Pitcher

  99. I feel that your love and concern for animals is definitely a reason so seek another opinion. I do believe that this case mentioned is definitely not the same as yours. I wish you could see this weeks episode of Harry’s Law. “Harry” was going to be disbarred because of her behaviour in court. She made an appeal to the State Bar and pled her case. It was phenominal. They were so impressed with her speech that they could not NOT reinstate her priveledges. If you can, try to see it. I think you are extremely dedicated and deserve to do what your heart longs to do. It is worth the fight! And you have helped so many people. We are all there fighting for you! Don’t forget that.

  100. CBC and this website have misrepresented the reasons that Dr. Bhullar’s discipline by the BCVMA was quashed. It was NOT quashed because of a mere technicality. The reason is was quashed, p. 21, section 55 of the decision, “the council[the then BCVMA] erred in deciding that evidence and argument about institutional bias could not be heard.” This means that they were supposed to look at the issue of institutional bias against Bhullar, in particular, and Indo Cdn. vets running LOW COST vet. clinics(that’s the REAL issue) and they didn’t.

  101. to say that he has a lot of greatful pet owners does not really address the issue of the botched surgeries he was accused of. I think he likely got away with this due to the vets retiring. I have always believed that if a person feels true justice has not been served then they should at least get a second opinion.

  102. It is essential that you fight back. You do know it won’t be easy for you and your family as they (the board) will have some powerful corporate “friends”. Perhaps you might find some allies yoursef, animal welfare groups, hi-flyers who aren’t afraid to express their opinions but above all get the press on your side. The establishment hates bad press. Oh, and don’t forget to sue them for their efforts.
    Best of luck whichever way you choose to go.

  103. Yes,Dr. Andrew Jones,you should fight for your right to more safely help our pets.We have seen what conventional medicine has to offer & alternatives are definately what has worked for me & my naturally reared Shelties.You have been the light at the end of the tunnel for many & always learning.
    Kudos to you.

  104. My feeling is that you are dying to go back to your practice! If so, yes, please go for it! Times are changing. New doors and new opportunities will open up for you. Animals need vets like you SO MUCH. WISH YOU WERE HERE!

  105. Yes, by all means get a second opinion. In my province (ON) you are entitled to a no-charge consultation, at least. I do not feel that the College acted correctly, and their problem was that you were perhaps shaking up the profession by suggesting that there are things you can do for your pet without running to a vet (read $$$) and with use of fewer pharmaceuticals (again, read $$$). I do not think any responsible pet owner would substitute your advice through your online mailings for a visit with a vet if the animal was in distress.
    The human medical profession also is not enamoured with alternative medicine. This is about money and power!!

  106. If this Dr. can reclaim his license, I see no reason why a caring and confident veterinarian such as you should not be able to do the same.
    Clearly, you cannot claim racial bias, but the fact that this board revoked your license for speaking up about long outdated and in many cases dangerous practices is totally unfair and without merit. I realize lawyers are extremely expensive, but with your many supporters, a
    fundraising effort might serve to blunt those costs. With enough small contributions, the costs for a competent lawyer might not be prohibitive.

  107. I would say try again, you have a lot of followers and we could all vouch for you. Try it saying that this was done because as we know it is a money problem and all you are doing is helping animals as you should being a veterinary. try again

  108. Dear Dr. Jones,

    I say FIGHT IT!!!!! Research a much better Lawyer then you had! Your License was taken away for ridiculous reasons as far as i am concerned! What the College of Veterinarians did to you was not justified! Being that this vet won his case and of course it was difficult, i believe you can too! When you have won your license back and i’m not saying (if), sue the College of Veterinarians for all of the costs of your lawyer fees. Please don’t give up!!!

    You have a strong enough case against the College of Veterinarians to win! It’s about having a top notch Lawyer with much experience that will help you get your license back! I believe in you so go for it; you deserve justice Dr. Jones!!!

    Big hugs & good luck!

  109. From all the comments, you are receiving a lot of support in wich I join myself.
    Mr.Allan Albert , comments #58 and 65 makes a good statement and advice.
    It is always difficult to be the first one to show a different direction (Homeopathy), opposite to the drug industry.
    But you are the future in your field, Dr. Jones.
    Barb McKee #107 says:” We have seen what conventional medecine has to offer& alternatives are definitely what has worked for me & my naturally reared Shelties.”
    So, if you can, get a second lawyer, set up a “defense” fund , and all your supporters will try to help you.
    Best of luck to you!

  110. Hello Again,
    Yes, go for it. Find a Lawyer that will work on a percentage to keep your costs down.
    You have a lot of lost time,wadges,staff to pay,fines etc,etc,etc.
    These people are not thinking of the good you are doing for folks that can not afford large vet bills for small problems that can be fixed at home.
    Lots of animals die because they can not pay large bills at the vets. (sorry to say)
    What would happen if you never paid that fine or thier lawyer’s fee? (take away your licence)
    They have taken away your livelyhood, and now they want you to pay. (what a joke)
    I have not heard of any good words coming from the collage you went to.I hope they can improve image to the public. (you were railroaded)
    I have your book sitting at the postoffice,and will pick it up today.

    Best Of Luck To You

  111. Well, I am happy to hear this news. I have used Dr. Bhullar’s services in the past with one of my Aussies. The dog had been brought up with poor nutrition and his mouth/teeth/gums were in abysmal shape when I got him. The Dr. did surgery, cleaned his mouth up and I was very happy with the results – I had gone there from Vanc. Island. Clean office, pleasant staff and good aftercare info. Also about 1/2 the price of anywhere else I had contacted. Dr. Jones, may I suggest, if you haven’t already done this, you find yourself a pit bull lawyer (pardon the use of words) and go for it. You work outside the box and it is time for the Assoc. to accept there are other healthier ways to raise animals. Of course your way can be seen as a monetary threat to other traditional vets working in cities who push vacs. and other health damaging substances like MediCal, Science Diet, etc. and try to brain wash clients into believing by pushing FEAR. Having attended a Catherine O’Driscoll seminar a few years ago on the Island, I found out about you
    and have been using holistic vets for most things since then and if I lived in Nelson, I would have been one of your customers. Go for it. Caroline

  112. I think you should consult a lawyer that is
    experienced with your issue. At least to get another opinion. We need more
    vets like you and I wish you were here in the

  113. I really think that if we all signed a petition against the single minded decision these “old school” fools have made, that choice may be overturned. Numbers really do count and we can make the change if we all stick together.
    Kay Reid
    TruLuv Papillons

  114. Dr. Jones,

    I am glad to hear that you are going to get a second lawyer’s opinion. Perhaps a third, a fourth and a fifth might be a good idea too.

    Without knowing all the facts about the Bhullar case, I suspect that his having offered a ‘low cost clinic’ was a red flag to the College. It is unfortunate that his case was won on a technicality. It would have been useful for others to know whether the charges about botched surgery, racial discrimination, etc. were valid.

    I do hope you are able to mount a successful challenge to the College, and to form an alternate Association of veterinarians and complementary professionals such as animal chiropractors. It is long overdue. The College must be stopped in its tracks if it is trying to persecute veterinarians for offering holistic animal care, and for critizing conventional approaches to animal care, and for criticizing the whole animal food industry. (You have never suggested that animal guardians should avoid visiting their own veterinarians in their own communities).

    This holistic veterinary approach needs to be formalized in Canada with its own Association, and perhaps you have been ‘led’ to become its leader.

    Wishing you all the best,


  115. I think it is worth spending some time with an attorney to see if he could come up with anything. I would LOVE to have you as my vet down here in the United States. You are exactly what is missing around here.

  116. Can you find a lawyer who will peruse this matter on your behalf in CIVIL COURT rather than the kangaroo “court” which the BC vet union seems to provide for itself? i.e., sue them back, citing your patient records, history of your practice and its scope, testimonials from clients who have supported you over your 20 years in practice. You might also want to point out the many animal practitioners worldwide who provide the public with information on organic consumer goods and holistic health practices for pets. Web MD is an obvious one. So why pick on Dr. Jones? Because he’s good, I guess. In one of my letters to the College, I called them “fear biters.” No response. Gosh.

  117. Yes definitely get a second opinion, you are an awesome vet and person, wish you were in my Country, we need vets like you that care about our pets and offer alternatives than some of the nasty chemicals that vets over here charge through the roof. Some of the meds that they prescribe to our pets, I found out 2 in particular have been banned in every other country for the last 5 yrs as they can cause death. Your country’s pets need you, keep on fighting, you are an awesome person and vet.

  118. PS Sylvia (#90) seems to suggest the best approach, especially If one of these “big city” lawyers will take your case on a contingency basis. There must also be animal advocacy lawyers in Canada who might be interested in your case.

  119. you should defenteley ask a nother lawerer you have a lot of people saying you should i do think the natral cures are better than all that crap that you get from the vet and the vet does not whant you to do anything that is good for your dog but the thing is can you aford itthat is the thing i whould see than if you can go for it

  120. I did not realize you “lost” your license – that instead you chose to quit as opposed to incurring the high cost of litigation, etc. I think you should go for it and get a second opinion. We all agree we need more vets like you who have nothing but the best to offer! I have referred another friend just yesterday to your site and have referred many others.

    May God Bless you in your endeavor. You are too good of a vet to just give it up.

  121. Be it Medical or Legal, you NEED a second opinion. You may even be entitled to damages if your case gets into the proper Court.

  122. Hello
    I think you could start a petition, then get a lot of peopl backing your rights and then get another great lawyer tehn proceed, as I think that the oath you take in veternarian school sucks and needs a bit of rivision. You have done no wrong in my eyes, we have systems in place only to protect large corporations that suck us dry and buy up our resorces. What ever terms you have used and whatever advices you have given on any scale in this world, the goodness that you have been in service to the public sector outweights anything. You deserve to be of service with the backing behind you. We as people need to stand up together to change bullshit like this. Anyone reading this dont think that it could not happen to you or any one you know, what I am talking about is in justice. Our legal systems are about profit and protecting the corporate ladder. It is odvious in this case. Gandhi stood up, so can we, in this case it is for Andrew, just to start.

  123. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” – anthropologist Margaret Mead

  124. I know you are already out of pocket for a lot of money, but it would probably be worth a second opinion. I agree with others that fighting on the basis of racial discrimination is a lot easier but I believe that people who want alternative medicine have a right to it. You are a very qualified vet and I believe you have a right to practice both alternative and traditional medicine on our pets. There are many vets practicing both types of medicine in this country and you should not be singled out. Good Luck


    From a lawyers view point nobody wins but the lawyers, trust me i am a lawyer, when yr fighting the establishment your onto a hiding to none.
    You may feel that youve lost the battle but won the war.

    Principles become exspensive when at the end of all of this will be perceived as a hollow victory.

    If one thng i learnt its all down to pounds shillings and pence and what I call cause and effect.

    All great leaders win their battles by statergy, remember your fighting the establishment who is govened by money, power and highly inflated egoes.

    What you do is become a pionner and champion the causes in a more productive and proactive way,
    where upon you will earn the respect from your fellow practioners. When people’s livelyhoods feel threated the best form of defence is attack.

    If you pardon the pun Andrew there’s more then one way to skin a cat.

    Your a man of many talents and why not harness these by teaching and writing for journals where upon you can reach a wider target audiance through your publised writings, it is then when people sit up and, listern and take stock.
    Thats the way you challange the establishment through public debate, whereupon you gain recogniction and a louder voice.

    The bottom line is, it will always be the old boyz nework, who play lip service with no sincerity, play them at their own game.

    Do you feel your human rights have been vilolated as look out your countries constitution and may be go down that track. That might be the time to apoint a specialist lawyer.

  126. YES! Of course he should seek 2nd opinion, but looking at his practice, yes sometimes a surgery can get complicated and even vets don’t have the ill intention of blotcthing up a surgery but these things happen, I don’t know if malpractice insurance is protocal, but the point that I want to touch on is different. If Dr. Bhullar was charging lower prices and even possibly providing services for pet lovers of lower economic means, and organizing an ethnic/concsious group of professionally licensed practicioners not only is he seen as a threat, but the whole organization which he was instrumental in building, he would be seen as a futuristic ‘Walmart’ in terms of price competition for the same higher priced vet services,(which you have to admit is a brilliant marketing plan, organizing with people whom you can trust.) but this is probably all ready percived by the local license authority, and sad to say that I think your own colleages could’ve had a hand (politically speaking) they may see Dr Bhullar as “the head of the snake” which threatens their ‘pricing’futures. I think that there is a lot more than just race issues here, it really comes down to the economic security of MONEY. just a humble opinion, Kamsho Dr Bhullar.

  127. You should get a second opinion and not only that you should get someone to investigate the hospital to see if they are up to date on their things and have made changes to their hospital. He’s a great vet but there are other Dr’s there who should also get looked into.

  128. I think in all matters of a medical or legal matter it is always wise to ask a second opinion. There is no one truth in life and a second pair of eyes could open new avenues.
    I would though very thoroughly ask about the specifics of the other vet’s case. I understand he was stripped from his license, while you resigned, in his case there were charges of low quality work, while that was not the case with you. It seems the case was thrown out on a technical matter (the resigning of several members of the board), I don’t know if that also happened with you.

    Having said that, please, never give up. Society changes, people change, medicine changes. In a few years you might have fans amongst the board members. Veterinary care is becoming as problematic and unattainable for some as healthcare in the US. You, and several vets in Mexico at the border, are the first vets I see doing something about that. Please don’t ever give up.

  129. In my most humble opinion, Absolutely go after that second opinion. As other comments, it is always best to seek a second opinion in your own health issues or those of our pets.
    I would also say go for it… With the caution that you cannot raise the “race card”!
    It is too bad that this case was not judged on ALL of it’s merrits. I wish you well.

  130. Dear Dr. Jones,

    I so hoped the email was about you getting your license back…
    Seems the racial card does not apply to you.
    How about gathering credible evidence of medical malpractice and wrongdoing of the other vet, and using that as a defense that your case was treated with prejudice from the panel while he does not even deserve to get his license back, and yet he gets it because THEY do not care about him healing animals; all they care is that he dances to the same tune they are playing.
    That, plus they are scared to death of anyone invoking the racial bias.

    There must be a way to get you reinstated.

    Check out the: Bob Rogers, DVM vs State of Texas.

    There was a whole lot of prejudice against Dr.Rogers as well, and he turned the table around and sued the whole damn State for what boiled down to fraud (taking money for unneccessary vaccinations, something these vets know and ignore).
    You could do something on the same basis – where the College knows, or at least should keep abreast of the latest research, yet, they essentially allow the “conventional” vets to continue committing the fraud on a daily basis. Sadly, all these vets will gladly go along with it, as they are making a lot of money from it, so you will not be making any friends by bringing this up on charges, but it’s worth running that through a GOOD lawyer who’s got balls to go after the “establishment”.

    Here are the links I think you will find useful:

    Joanna Gil,
    3-dog 1-cat mama and faithful follower of your vet course

  131. Can’t you go somewhere else and get your license? I wouldn’t waste any more time money or energy on those people who just have their blinders on. But, it always doesn’t hurt to get a 2nd opinion if that is indeed what you really want.

  132. I forgot to add that it seem the College of Veterinarians of BC has discredited you because you are abouth the truth, and they seem to be comfortable perpetuating the same old “guidelines” that were maybe up to date 20 years ago but now, with the latest research data pouring in from all over the world, the College should really be in no position whatsoever to deny you your license on a basis of medical practice. As for them not liking your speaking out on the faulty “system”, well, I’m afraid it will take many more doctors like yourself to overturn that. Just look what’s happening in the human medicine? Same thing, if you’re a “people” doctor, you can’t even say that a vitamin does a body good without getting arrested, or worse.

    Seems the College was willing for you to get your license back but did not like how open and honest you were about the “rules”, their rules. If you were to get it back and start practicing again, AND be careful about the wording in the course, AND have your website and/or supplement business run by someone other than yourself, they might just leave you alone.

  133. I believe your right to free speech has been violated. You can go to and initiate a claim against the College. It won’t cost you anything. You will recieve information about how you can get free legal help with your case from their site. The other option is to get another lawyer specializing in the type of case you are in.

  134. go for it, its worth another shot, you never know,I dont agree about the “race” thing being mentioned, good luck , hopefully youll get your license back!!!!:)

  135. Here is what I think and believe in. . . .

    Praying for Guidance and Direction from our Lord God is the answer. He hears all of our prayers and if we just stop for a moment and listen . . . we will hear Him.. our prayers do get answered. Have Faith and be Strong. He is there for us always- every day, every time.

    NEVER give Up!

    I have just one word to say: YES.

    YES, pray for Guidance and Direction
    YES, God will hear you and help you
    YES, I pray for you daily
    YES, without a doubt get a second opinion
    YES, you will find THAT right Lawyer
    YES, you are unique and have a good heart
    YES, you love your family and pets
    YES, you believe in what you are doing
    YES, you have what it takes
    YES, keep that will and do the Will of God
    YES, you will get your license back
    YES, you Will succeed!!

  136. Dear Dr. Jones,
    I appears the only thing you and Dr. Bhullar have in common is is that of jeopardizing the the money flow to the veterinary association. Dr. Bhullar has a discount clinic and you are empowering the pet owner to take care of many of his pet’s ailments on his own. Bottom line is that this is intimidating to the veterinary establishment. I encourage you to hold your course, In due time, you will gain a clientele which will far surpass the number of clients and pets you have been able to help as a licensed veterinarian.
    The U.S. has a colorful history of brave individual individuals who were willing to go against the tide for a righteous cause. It is concerning that you would compare yourself with anyone who would resort to using the race card. Should you be reinstated in the veterinary association of B.C., you would be under the strict scrutiny of their board and investigation teams. You would then be forced to compromise your beliefs whether you want to admit it or not.
    Rise to the challenge my friend and follow your heart! Should you find yourself unable to find joy and contentment in your worthy pursuit to inform the uninformed (like me), then you can once again join the ranks of the capitulalators.

  137. Dear Dr. Jones,
    I appears the only thing you and Dr. Bhullar have in common is is that of jeopardizing the the money flow to the veterinary association. Dr. Bhullar has a discount clinic and you are empowering the pet owner to take care of many of his pet’s ailments on his own. Bottom line is that this is intimidating to the veterinary establishment. I encourage you to hold your course, In due time, you will gain a clientele which will far surpass the number of clients and pets you have been able to help as a licensed veterinarian.
    The U.S. has a colorful history of brave individual individuals who were willing to go against the tide for a righteous cause. It is concerning that you would compare yourself with anyone who would resort to using the race card. Should you be reinstated in the veterinary association of B.C., you would be under the strict scrutiny of their board and investigation team. You would then be forced to compromise your beliefs whether you want to admit it or not.
    Rise to the challenge my friend and follow your heart! Should you find yourself unable to find joy and contentment in your worthy pursuit to inform the uninformed (like me), then you can once again join the ranks of the capitulalators.

  138. Dear Dr.Jones, I definitely think you should give it a try and get a second opinion from another lawyer. Even though your case is different, an injustice was committed against you and you should try anything to get your license back. It is your right.

  139. Good luck taking on the Veterinarian College. You can look at Dr. Bhullar’s experience and the other Indo-Cdn vets as an example of the lengths that they are willing to go to quash the competition. The resources that they are willing to devote to try to drum up and pursue allegations against vets. who challenge the traditional fee structure are shocking. Presumably you present a different kind of challenge-a challenge to the treatment model, but that’s just as threatening if you’re saying that certain costly treatments are unnecessary. Best of luck.

  140. Hi there,

    I just skimmed through a lot of emails with their various suggestions from your supporters,and would like to add a few ideas that I didn’t see here.

    Someone made a suggestion about searching out other Canadian vets who advocate holistic approaches in their practice – a sound idea & ammunition which could be used by a new lawyer or lawyers. I have a feeling that the lawyer you have may not have done all his homework.

    Using similar cases to show that other factors played a part in the Association harassing you specifically is standard practice for lawyers. Envy is most probably one biggie due to the public’s mistaken image that Internet marketing of anything brings in big bucks. Remember, everything needs to be backed up.

    Select a new lawyer carefully. Interview a handful and take the most enthusiastic one who loves a good fight. Usually the first 1/2-1 hr. is free and we all know they charge $100’s/hr!

    What I would do is take a few weeks off (get someone to cover your website, etc.)and get down to UBC’s (Vancouver) library as well as Vancouver’s Main branch of the Public Library. In addition, spend as much time as possible to see what you can dig up personally on the internet.

    Perhaps you have friends who can put you up while in Vancouver. If not, I live in a 1-bedroom apt. with 3 cats & I’ll put you up on my sofa while you spend some days at libraries if you choose to do this & have no where else to go. Remember, you can’t afford hotels.

    The more information you can dig up yourself the more money you won’t have to pay a lawyer to take on your case! Remember that information is a powerful fighting defence!

    The other thing that occured to me is that possibly a law school’s undergraduate students could take on your case as a class assignment. I know in other disciplines this has worked and it costs nothing! You would have to talk to whomever is in charge. Try different universities across Canada to see if this idea workable and they could do all a lot of the preliminary research for you.

    Good luck & don’t give up! Remember the amount of opposition that Naturalpaths fought for years and now they are a wonderful complement to our Doctors.


  141. I know you should fight the case to get your license back since you earned it.I have listened to your honest practice and do not doubt my decisions in the well being of my animals since I take your advice. I lost a beautiful cat Portia who was five years old because I put her health in the care of a local veterinarian hospital.It took me one and a half years to come out of a deep depression as I blamed myself for the choice I made with these people who call themselves veterinarians.I have a great doctor now who believes in prevention and because I have followed what you say,I have three healthy animals. Thank you …now go and get your license back. I am behind you with a million others.

  142. Dear Dr. Jones,
    It is not about the differences between the two cases, it is about the similarities.
    For instance, marketing shows up again. There is a sense that vets who empower clients (whether through alternative healthcare or lower prices) are a threat to the ‘old boy network’. And there is a feeling of ‘trumped up’ charges to both cases. Perhaps more info about Dr. Bhullar’s case would help you show that the College is acting in a capricious and prejudicial way, unrelated to good veterinary practices but only for maintaining a closed club and the status quo.
    What about ‘first do no harm’? For instance, if the College is preventing you publicizing the known dangers of vaccinations, that seems to be be very harmful — to animals!
    Who knows how many other vets just capitulated to the College’s demands, in order to protect their right to practice. I believe Dr. Bhullar’s case points you in the direction of seeking others who have been mistreated by the College. The best way to get that additional info is unclear to me, but perhaps an investigative journalist and a private investigator are involved, as well as another attorney.
    In the long run, I believe you are going to want to be able to legally practice as a veterinarian again. If we can put people in outer space, elect an African-American president, treat diabetes with insulin, save those who would have died of infant/mother rh factor blood mismatches, why not you getting your license back? All those other things were once impossible too. Best wishes.

  143. Dr Jones,

    I agree with most of what has been written here, with the exception of using the other Vets lawyer. I suspect he is particularly good playing the race card, and thats of no use to you. You most definately should get a second and third opinion, then make a decision from there.

    The COV are a bunch of dinosaurs, with a mindset as narrow as can be. They DON’T want Vets helping clients with the health of their pets, thats not what brings in the big bucks, and lets face it, thats what this is all about to them! Seek at least 2 more legal opinions, and fight for YOUR right to use YOUR training to help animanls, the best way you can, and that they, the COV, are discriminating against you in their efforts to stop you doing that.

    I have had 3 bad diagnosis of 2 of my pets in the past year. An undiagnosed cancer (told there was NOTHING wrong with my cat), my own internet research forced me to get a second opinion, which then enabled me to go back to my vet and TELL them where to look. My cat was PTS 10 days later!!! The other 2 were pituitary gland problem, which almost resulted in death, before FINALLY being picked up, and the same cat had a misdiagnosis of an eye problem, they said infection, I said inflammation. I was right, but they ignored me, and she lost her eye within a matter of days. I demanded they send the eye away for testing, cost $600 here, when I was proven right, the veterinary practice PAID for that, big hearted bastards! I will have NO hesitation in sueing them, if they do anything like these again, NONE! This is the sort of Vets your COV wants running clinics in our communities!! I think not. It IS all about money these days, with most Vets and doctors, so you MUST fight this fight, for as long as it takes to WIN. Then I agree with what someone else said here…start your OWN Veterinary Association for competent and trained Vets who ALSO USE alternative medicine to help the animals live longer and healthier lives. Goodluck my friend, from Tasmania, Australia.

  144. As a retired attorney, I must tell you to not give up. The TIMING of your second challenge to the COV, however,is important. The comments from Erich Trapp posted at 6:51 present a reasonable approach. Gather like-minded colleagues and take your time finding a good attorney (unless there is a sunset on your right to challenge their opinions or request reinstatement). As you can plainly see, there are too many of us out here who KNOW you are saving pets’ lives — and believe that you have been treated unfairly; your education and experience should not be sacrificed to narrow-minded, bureaucratic vets who fear that you represent the future of VM which they cannot themselves handle. Blessings to you, dear doctor.

  145. \I am very upset that you lost your license; My MD is in almost the same pickle. He has gotten the most flak because he doesn’t believe vaccines are safe for babies. Keep up your courage! It is asinine to think they would reinstate a guy who botched surgeries and would not for you. Thanks for all you do.
    Joy Ganger

  146. I first thought YOU got reinstated – I was so happy for you – then I read on… Yes I think you should
    contact for another opinion – but not the racist
    lawyer.. it’s all about the big bucks – when you
    recommend things we can try at home – well – they’re
    missing out on the bucks (so are you – but you have
    the animals welfare at heart. You have too much to
    offer animals (and their owners) for you not to try
    & fight the system. We’re all behind you —
    if this other vet can get reinstated with charges made against him for bad treatments to his ‘patients’ – you should by all rights have no
    trouble getting reinstated. Best of luck my friend – (come to Michigan – we can always use
    more good vets!)

  147. A second opinion is always a really good idea….if you had a disease, would you take the word of only one doctor? The bureaurocracy is famous for throwing many obstacles in the way just so one will give up and toddle off into the sunset. I realize this costs an awful lot of money but, do you really want the short-sighted, pencil pushers to win? There are constant changes in the world of many professions and Vet. Medicine is not different….holistic care should always be available to whom ever desires it….you are not wrong in what you do and, really should fight for what you feel is right. If you need any back-up from any of the owners of the animals you have cared for and helped, I’m sure it will be most readily available. I haven’t been able to purchase the doggy stuff as yet but trust in what you said about it, the testimonials and your obvious desire to help anyone with pet problems. Yes, go for a second opinion…it is really a mandatory progression.

  148. A second opinion is always worthwhile. Greed has overtaken personal health – present medical systems seem to keep you sick and in the loop go for it always natural

  149. Did you lose your license or were you forced to RESIGN to get out of paying the $30,000 in unfair fines? Surely there are grounds to fight that in Court. Defintely seek a 2nd opinion and then go from there. AL at no. 38 and Pat D at no. 97 both have good suggestions. Best of luck. Veronica in Australia

  150. I agree w/Shannon! Find that lawyer! We see it all the time-white guys getting off the hook because they have a very good lawyer. A defense fund for sure! But I’d try for a contingency lawyer

  151. Absolutely, you should consult with another, more aggressive, attorney and get a second opinion. As others have said, if you had a serious disease and got a serious and negative diagnosis and prognosis, you would be looking for a second opinion, as you should be. The same logic holds true here. Especially in light of Dr. Bhullar having his license reinstated, you should be able to fight to get yours reinstated. So much in law is based on precedent, and even though your cases are not identical, his victory, on somewhat flimsy grounds, sets a precedent for overturning the College’s decision that may certainly work to your advantage. Go for it! We’re behind you all the way!

  152. I think that you should try over and over. The other vet used the racism and that contributed a lot for him but you could use other things like the fact that no one proved that you have done things wrog to your patients, no misconduct on your practice.
    Try hard, try again and you will be regarded, for they were unjust with you.

  153. YES. However, please heed the advice about timing and consult more than one attorney. Maybe there’s one out there who would take your case Pro Bono. There has to be a lawyer who believes in what you do.
    I also suggest that those of your subscribers who have benefited from the knowledge you’ve imparted and the treatments you suggested could Voluntarily contribute towards a fund for your legal defense. I know I would. The risk is that maybe there wouldn’t be enough monies given to cover the cost of your defense and you’d be left with more debt than you have even now.
    If it’s the $ 30,000.00 you need, grateful pet parents might be able to donate towards that cost.
    If you decide to battle the College of Veterinarians it would be very important to obtain all the data you can from studies in the US, Europe – worldwide – proof that your treatments / recommendations are followed in those places with positive effects. Or at least no adverse effects.
    As for the cost of the supplements you offer, I had previously been giving our animals one that was not so complete and paid nearly the same amount.

  154. If this happened to an American doctor, I can surely tell you that he/she would fight like hell to have justice served. I do not know the Canadian laws (as being that I am am American), but from what I have read, you sure as hell have been discriminated against. Being a doctor (either one for humans or animals) is not a one size fits all. You have your own way of doing things where as someone else would do something different. Times have changed with conventional medicine (humans and animals)and so has the way one views it. I truly believe you have the the fight in you, but they seem to be keeping you down. This truly is not fair and I believe you should go for another opinion. Good luck.

  155. I live in BC and am disgusted with the College for lifting your license in the first place. I feel you should seek another opinion.

  156. Think it’s worth a shot to talk to another lawyer. You not only practiced conventional medicine but gave the animal caregiver another less invasive alternative. Ultimately it was up to them to make the decision for their furry friend. I personally don’t see the difference with your approach and that of my physician. Perhaps he too is living on the edge. When it comes to some of the things I do for my health, he doesn’t give me the “look”, if you know what I mean. Sometimes even suggests another alternative……so why can’t you.

    The vet who did get his license back sounds like one I’d never dream of taking my treasured companions too.

    As has been said many times, you give us options we would have known existed. Helped me with the last visit to our vet. At least we can have a discussion. This time I won one for my furry friend.

    Keep up the fight. There are people out there waiting for your return to your clinic.

  157. get another lawyer to help u get your license back. But then if u get your license back, if u were not allowed to treat the animals in your “holistic way”, u might not be happy too. But my opinion is, to get a better lawyer to help u get back your license, after that, then only u think of the next step. You never know what will happen if u have never tried. Pet owners need a good doctor like u

  158. I don’t know the whole story on Dr. Bhullar, but, if it is proven that he botched surgeries and is incompetent and NOT racially biased, then I say he should loose his license.

    I believe that you should get a second opinion from another lawyer, if you can afford one. We have every right to give our beloved pets alternative treatments and who better qualified than a vet that practices these and not just the conventional treatments. You are too good of a vet not to be reinstated. The College did you an injustice and made you an example for other vets who challenge the system.

    If I lived in BC, I’d definitely want you to be my vet for my Piper(GSP) as you are truly a great vet and very knowledgeable. I’d trust you completely with my dog.

    Fight to get reinstated as much as possible and dont let them make you “fade” away and become invisible. Make a stand for what you believe in and to let you know that you have our confidence and support in what you do!

  159. Hi Andrew,you MUST get another lawyer and pursue your right to treat animals in the most compassionate professional manner.Surely it is your role to educate owners so that they can make an informed decision what type of treatment they want for their pet and not to do so would be negligent.Every owner wants a vet with a holistic approach.Good luck,my prayers are with you.

  160. Hi Dr Jones,
    I would love to see you get your vets license back, the question is what do you feel in your heart?
    I agree with most everyone who has posted. The medical systems don’t want to see any natural health succeed, for humans or animals.
    If you have the money to fight, I say do it.

    All the best of luck!

  161. That vet was just plain lucky…he got off because of a technicality…not because he was innocent. In your case, maybe you need a “specialty lawyer”–the second time around: one who rather than proving YOUR ingenuous efforts, can prove the disingenuous intentions of those making the accusations. It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    Rather than being on the DEFENSIVE the second time around, why not be on the OFFENSIVE…AND SUE(them all)for violating your rights to freedom of speech…Anything is possible if you believe that strongly.

  162. I would definately appeal and get your licence back, as you are an ethical vet only wanting the best for pets and pet owners.
    Definately, GET YOUR LICENCE BACK !!! It is clear to everyone it was flat out wrong them taking your licence away just because they are ‘anti alternative’.. FIND another lawyer and get your licence back!
    ABsolutely! Bless ! 🙂

  163. While your case is definitely different than the case mentioned here, I believe it is definitely worth getting a second opinion.

    I think it is doing a disservice to animals and their owners to not allow a competent, reliable veterinarian who has no infractions on his record besides speaking out against the traditional practice of Veterinary Medicine, while allowing one who has had alleged infractions of a nature that could be harmful to pets.

    I live in Alberta. My General Practitioner is allowed to recommend me seek alternative therapies if traditional medicine does not work for me. Does this make him an incompetent doctor? No. He also realizes that there are some instances where alternative therapies cannot work, in which cases I’ve been prescribed traditional medicines and/or surgeries.

    This simply makes him an MD who has MY best interests at heart. Not his. Not the medical board’s. MINE.

    Why should my animals not be allowed to have the same treatment?

    My veterinarian has no problem with me seeking alternative therapies for my animals, and signed a contract I provided stating that my animals are only allowed killed vaccines at 5 year intervals. I was also told once that my first aid treatment on one of my cats (burned paw) was sufficient enough that it needed no treatment from him. He, like you, is one of the few veterinarians that feel this way, however he is not outspoken with his beliefs as are you.

    This, I believe, is the crux of the problem. I understand why medical boards exist – to protect patients from “quacks”. Bottom line is… Are they being too strict with regards to your case, and is change needed?

    I think the answer is yes. But the only way change will happen is by fighting the system. So yes… get a second opinion/lawyer. Go be the next Rosa Parks.

  164. I agree with S. Morris. You should seek another lawyer’s opinion, have your licence reinstated and practice the way you wish. You will give a large message to the public on how to feed and treat their pets to wellness and longevity.

  165. Forget about the other vet’s case. You’ve been revoked because you’re costing Big Pharma a shit load of money. Andrew, please contact Kymythy R. Shultze (author of Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats) for advice. In her books, she has blown open the secret world of the petfood business and how it is them and the drug companies who control the education of vets in colleges and universities. To do this, she must have a team of awesome lawyers on her side. If anyone can help you, it has to be her. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  166. Sure wish this had been your reinstatement! I agree with the majority…go for another lawyer. I would look for one who would work on a contingency basis and sue the College for all your expenses, lost wages, etc. plus enough damages to pay the lawyer. What they have done is WRONG! Good luck.

  167. OMG! I’m so sorry I missed this info as I may be late because I was out of town. Nonetheless, I thought I’d chime in anyway. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt. If you have the finances FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! You’re a super Dr. and know more than probably most of everyone attending that college, including the teachers. Money talks and we all know that so Yes, they are trying to protect their bread and butter. On the other hand you went to school to become a fantastic, caring Dr, for animals PERIOD! And your doing with backup what is the correct thing to do in your position and that is WHAT’S BEST for the animals NOT YOUR POCKET! That’s what they’re disputing to keep their support system in tacked. You’re not a newbbie in the business. You have 17 yrs. experience along with losing your own pet, to forge ahead and research further. Therefore saving God only knows how many loved pets because, of your loss. If it ends up that they win. You STILL wouldn’t be a loser because you could easily be a Holistic Vet without a doubt and a damn good one at that. When one door closes another opens. Plus you’d probably like the latter better. Anyway either way you’ll end up the WINNER and be able to go back to your office you were forced to leave!!!!!!!!!!!May God be with YOU and watch over you. Wishing you the Best…

  168. You could do it on a contingency basis? There must be lawyers doing only specifically animal law in Van?

    As already commented in another post above, the cost incurred thru stress, impacts to family, etc will be a reality. Depends how strongly you feel this was an injustice you wish to right.

    Interesting, considering how our human drugstores/pharmacies have filled their shelves with Vit’s/Minerals and alternative remedies, and do advertise them.

    How us humans are told to eat more fresh veggies and unprocessed foods to stay healthy:>)Not just boxes of fortified cereal:>)Take our omega 3’s.

    The public was making a switch in their own health care, mainstream realized it was in their best interest to recognize this. Oh’ glucosamine and comparable come to mind. Can’t walk into any store be it grocery or drugstore and not find all of these things now on shelves. Few years ago they were only available at a healthfood stores.

    Where I live there are alternative/holistic vets. Practicing very much along the same guidelines as you recommend. Perhaps the difference is they have not made their views quite so publicly available.

    Frankly, in regards to current practices..of what the public wants (‘the clients ‘) I cant see that our BC vets (or vets worldwide) have any choice but to be more ‘complimentary’ in the care they give.

    It’s not like most of us ‘clients’ after our vet appt, don’t go right home onto the internet, read up on the meds and advice we received, and go ‘Crap’ I don’t want to give that to my dog, cat, rabbit, etc.

    Yep I think the vet assoc needs to get with the times.

    The internet is changing how all business is done.

    Then there is the science behind all the studies coming out, which the public accesses also.
    For ‘YOU ‘ to be basing your opinion on them – factual studies- side effects -etc, and thus be recommending alternatives as you do on your site – seems like it should not really be an issue.

    We clients are doing that also, and when we access vets who are not reading up, we’re not going back.

    ‘Your’ just telling the truth. It’s an educated/learned opinion based on real data. Representing your profession, in a highly ethical manner.

    The public knows about food ingredients, vacc’s, meds, titers – And those who don’t know are learning. That must be having a gigantic impact on all of the ‘profession’.

    ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~
    It’s kinda like closing the barn door after the horse has left:>) It makes no sense why they are attempting to ‘muzzle’ you, It reflects badly on them, not on you.

  169. True or false, reinstated or not I wouldn’t take one of my pets to this man. I’m a great believer in the old adage *where there’s smoke there’s fire.* I don’t gamble on the well being of my dogs.

  170. I have read the articles about the vet. I firmly believe that you should try again to regain your license. The articles you have published about how to take care of animals especially dogs have been a great help.

    A Blessed New Year! Sr. Mary Blaise

  171. Keep fighting to get your license back you are an excellent vet and I wish you were my vet. I will pray for you and the justice you deserve for being a honest and caring person the way God wants us to live.

  172. Why not move to another province?
    Good, caring vets, like good caring doctors are rare, and should NOT be ostracized by so-called “colleges of whatever” because you won’t toe the “college” line.
    I guess for those in the “college” it’s easier to follow the herd than to be independent and “lead the pack” that cares about people AND their pets.

  173. This is all very interesting reading…the race card is always such an easy way out, is it not getting a little old by now…… need to stand on your merit……every health professional coming into Canada has to pass exams in order to practice here…that is only reasonable and common sense…if you cannot read and understand the info in this country, how can you practice in a safe and informed and competent manner……if this vet is competent, good that he is reinstated, but if he was reinstated because of the race issue, pity the animals and their owners.
    You, Dr. Andrew, need to pursue your license, we need caring, open minded, up-to-date professionals who care more for the animals than what might look good and goes with the flow……a conventional treatment likely killed my dog this year…if I had had more knowledge and pursued a different approach to her care, she would likely be with us to-day. My new addition gets the benefit of your suggestions to investigate alternatives to the standards that may be less harmful to our pets. Also this lucky pup is getting better nutrition thanks to your advice and my research. Yes you need to be practicing again and sharing your knowledge and skills with the fortunate who will have you as their vet. Also, to many, your voice will be much louder as a practicing, licensed vet.
    Prayers and good wishes to you and your lovely family.

  174. It is about FREEDOM OF CHOICE….
    I should decide for myself and my pet whom i wish to go to for medical treatment …
    the more options available the greater the informed choice i make…
    all of life has risk factors
    There are no guarantees …
    bottom line if i wish to take my pet to an alternative medicine vet …
    then that option should be on the table
    As we see the vet establishment is taking away our Freedom of Choice push their agenda

    Healthy Happy New Year to All !

  175. After reading some of the comments above and I think also you should find another lawyer. You have done so much good with your articles. It shows your caring attitude and knowledge toward the animals. Please try again.

  176. Hi Andrew,
    I was shocked by the sheer stupidity of your Vets College, and their snooty attitude, who do they think they are (Playing ‘God’ with peoples livelihood)Another lawyer might be the answer and publish his reasons for not appealing. You have done NOTHING WRONG!


  177. I wish you a great new year to you and your family.
    YES I would go for an other lawyer,you have every right to your opinion, nobody has ever charged you with a neglected diagnostic.And the more you insist the more they have to take it seriously.
    You can count on me for signing any petition.

  178. I didn’t see this post originally, but now after reading it, I know I wouldn’t take my pet to this guy. The original allegations don’t sound like they had anything to do with race – botched surgeries? That would be enough for me never to go back. Poor record keeping? Kind of important to know the previous history of a pet. Unethical marketing? Difficult to know what that means without all the details.

    The only reason he got off was because some of the veterinarians retired before the investigation was complete? Must have been a long investigation. At any rate, he does not sound like he is in the business because he loves what he does or because he loves the animals, but again it is difficult to say without knowing him or more details.

    Was he working at a low-cost clinic because he couldn’t get hired at a regular clinic? Too many questions.

    I do think, Dr. Jones, that you should definitely keep pursuing getting your license back. Your case was totally different from this one. Sadly, you lost your license because you love animals and want the best for them, which sometimes goes against traditional medicine. This guy got his license back because what he did had nothing to do with going against traditional medicine or “embarrassing” any of his colleagues. The sad part is that it sounds like he actually deserved to have his license pulled, and you didn’t.

    Don’t give up on practicing veterinary medicine as a licensed veterinarian. Talk to as many lawyers as it takes to find one who will help you.

  179. Dr. Andrew,

    The sadness of animal alternative care and human alternative care being frowned on and often punished via the legal system by those “who play god-like” roles on the various medical colleges is about power and control and too often has nothing to do with open mindedness and the healthier results. I believe these “bodies” are too ruled and guided by power and money. They seem to be guided by who is doing the funding (drug and pet food) just as the human medicine is guided by the drug companies.

    I wish and hope you find a path to open a clinic of alternative care that will be accepted.

    I am fortunate my Veterinarian has an open mind and suggests alternatives.

    You have a beautiful family.
    A Cheery and Happy New Year to you.
    Your newsletters are a breath of sunshine.


  180. I was sooo excited seeing subject line in email but in opening discovered it was not YOU! From reading the article seems your case is not because of botched surgeries but better methods in treating our animal family members opposed to not always antibotics, serums, etc. and their reasons for hitting you was they felt it was hitting their pocket books! You have a lot of time and love in what you do and invested years of your life in education for your license … yes I feel you should continue fighting for what rightfully should be YOURS! As far as I know you have NEVER said don’t use modern medicine but try home remedies before over medicating your beloved animal companions! That is no different than in the human realm of medicine and antibotics that are governed and many medical doctors recommend OTC items first to humans before resorting to other means and they have their license! Yes I feel you should get a second opinion and if possible from the attorney that handled his case and find out your possibilities and also see if they won’t take it on contingency with you paying incurred costs such as filing court papers, depositions, etc. and them taking less percentage in decision than they would if they incurred all charges. To me if they feel they can REALLY help and WIN they will do this and help keep your attorney costs within reason rather than paying hourly plus costs which in some cases can get way out of hand before going to trial. My prayers and thoughts are with you always and I believe you have been strong through all of this and NOT let it BEAT YOU! I wish you well in whatever decision you make .. only you can make it but know that many of us across the world are pulling for you and them to do what is right by YOU! God Bless and may you and yours have a wonderful upcoming New Year!!!

  181. Hi Andrew,–I think the Vet College should not have a complaint against you in the first place. If their motto truly is ‘first, do no harm’, then you are true to that. Their bitch is all about money. There is a way that you can still have a practice of your own, and you would be wonderful at it. I have been meaning to give you a call, and meet for coffee or something, but just haven’t found the time. I do Bowen Therapy, and have also taken the course for animals, but only use it as a favour to people. My main work is with people. It is amazing, and you already have all the pre-requisites. People could really use you in this area. Look it up on under the animal bowen. Or give me a call.
    Betsy Telford, Tuffee and Chubbs, Salmo. I’ll give you a couple of free sessions so you can experience it for yourself, and a few magazines so you can read about the results animal therapists have had. The College would have no control over you in this area, and you can truly be of great service– and also make a good living. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.


  182. I am English living in France, and a retired alternative practitioner, but I’m sure the same applies wherever one lives. Get a modern, technologically up to date lawyer. In this day and age, more people will be buying online and I’m sure there are many Vets who would like to go Online as you have done. Get some alternative practitioners as expert witnesses for your alternative advice, and blind them with science. Saturate them with so much knowledge that you will embarrass them into giving you your Licence back. Did you do a Petition? This is something your Lawyer can advise you on ” what to ask etc”. You now have a worldwide following, and why not? You must get enough info to completely squash all their points against you. They are out of touch and will get left behind. You are in the forefront of a new technology and getting blamed for it, because they didn’t think of it first. They thought it would stop you. You have got to make them want to get on board. Use Psychology. There are many Medical Doctors behind companies who sell alternative treatments and vitamins online to humans. Why should animals be any different. I’ve got plenty of ideas, so ask me anything you like and I’m sure I’ll come up with an answer to stupidity. Go for it! The only thing is to get yourself the right lawyer who can read their minds and work it out from there. All the best for 2012 – you can do it! Ruthie

  183. Hi Dr Andrew,

    Here’s my 2 cents worth:

    1) MOVE? NO! You cannot outrun computers — and negative info sells best and grows as it travels.

    2) YES, PRAY specifically.

    3) GATHER OTHER VETS who are of the same mind as yourself about taking an honest/hard look at the way things are done and whether or not they are needed and/or effectual — AND are these things perpetuated to fatten bank accounts vs a straight-forward attempt to prevent negative results and heal whatever needs healing. Are these 2 things not the objective — prevention and healing? If they are found in newer ideas, are they to be discarded in favor of “We’ve always done it this way?” Gather “thinkers,” young and older, who have the grit to stand with you. You may be surprised at how many you find.

    4) LET GOD LEAD YOU TO THE RIGHT ATTORNEY and take the above Thinkers’ names with you. See #140 and 142. No, not ALL the same people who opposed you will still be there. And if you and your new attorney are about to make enough “stink” to rattle their status quo, your license may come flying back to you. AND you may make honest healers of some of these fakers and, in time, save a lot of pets from manufacturers who daily and knowingly mistreat them.

    May God go with you, protect and strengthen you and your family as you daily pick up your cross and carry it with His help.

    Warm regards,

  184. I’m not sure about that re-license. But in your case, I think a real travesty has taken place. I think, if you have the energy, I would fight your license loss. Some lawyer should help- i would hope.
    – who did you harm?
    – who did you betray?
    – who have you helped?
    Perhaps these questions cleared up will enhance your chances.

    I can understand people being upset because you have a thriving on-line business. And maybe that isnt what should be done in the vet world. But there are so many sleaze bag people a million times worse who have their licenses. So many people who have done damage to people. So many people who slaughter sentient creatures because they like the “sport” or worse, they like the ‘taste.” And nothing happens to them.

  185. I feel you should give it another try. Your subscribers know you always said to get your Vets opinion, there fore it seems they were unjust in their decision. All pet owners need their Vet’s at some time, and most are willing to listen to your individual wishes, just as a physician does to his patient. Don’t give up, we need you to tell our story too.

  186. Dear Dr Andrew,
    I did not come to know of you until June of this year after my 14 year old cairn mix was badly treated at the pet hospital she had been going to for 12 years.
    You gave me reason and hope that I could stand up and speak for the sake of my other pets. I have changed so many things in their daily lives because of you, your knowledge and your concern for all animals.
    You have put up a brave fight for your license and if anyone deserves to be a practicing veterinarian—you do. Perhaps you could start a holistic training venue for others who have a desire to treat all animals as you do.
    I thank you with all my heart for all you do to help those of us who choose to stand for wisdom in the care of our pets. You are a necessity in my life as I look to learn all I can and I thank GOD for you.
    May you and your entire family be richly blessed-

    Carolynn Davis

  187. Don’t you realize how much people think of you, and what you stand for? You Rocked Their Boat, is the phrase we use in the U.S. and they wanted you OUT OF THE WAY! If you were licensed would you have the freedom to do what you do for so many customers around the world. And help as many pets, as you have? Or would remove your license a second time? You have to think deep about your decision. Are you helping more and making just as much with what you are doing? I don’t know if you believe in our God…but he is the one to seek out..and I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER…Look to all your customers, and friends out here who care for you because of what you stand for..the good you have done so many…and Ask them all to pray for you. Let God Bless You with his answer to this.
    We should all pray for your Lic. to be reinstated if this is truely what you want.

    I will keep you in my prayers. May God bless you and your family to prosper in what ever you decide to do. You are a blessing to so many around the world. Use this to help you. I wish there were more Vets. like yourself here in the United States.

    We Appreciate You,


  188. You should continue to fight and not roll over and accept what this association says. There are alot of people out there not very happy with what is going on with regard to veterinary care. You need to unite with the veterinarians who what to have holistic practices but a living in fear of reprecussions from the associations. Things need to change and organizing like minded people can change things. Breaking rules, that’s how women got the vote….

  189. The reason why you lost your licence i believe is personal. Other vets took your comments and your differences in opinion on animal care personally thus created a problem that lead to various complaints to the board. You did no harm to anyone. You enforced your right to freedom of speech. Absolutely! Get in there… get that licence back!! Show them that you will not be bullied and you are deserving of everything you worked so hard for. Nobody has the right to take that from you! You cannot please everyone!P.S.I may be a stickler about animal rights on your blog but thats also only my personal opinion….lol

  190. Hm-m-m, Dr Bhullar was running a low cost clinic and you were recommending lower cost and more natural methods before reverting to the “big gun” methods of common veterinary medicine. Seems to me that’s a similarity! Also mentioned was that the College of vets etc. didn’t like his advertising practices—another similarity! I’d say go for a second opinion. Here where I live there are low cost spay and neuter clinics AND low cost shot clinics. One of our vets even offers low cost surgery. No one is getting their licenses pulled for that. Well it IS hot here in Arizona, maybe it’s the snow freezing a few attitudes up there!:>

  191. I seriously think that we all need to sign a petition or something to support Dr Andrew as clients in his quest to get reinstated! He has given us good advise to better the life and wellbeing of our pets. We are his clients as anyone else is who stepped into his office with their animals. Who also could be doing the same to support him! Maybe that what we all need to do together.

  192. Get another lawyer. Believe in yourself. We believe in you. Our pets need you. Do it Now. The longer you wait, the more you doubt yourself. What are you waiting for anyway? Do you have a valid excuse? If so what is it? Tell us so we understand why you aren’t fighting for what is rightfully yours…Your right to practice!

  193. Dr. Jones-

    You rock! I do not know enough about the case in the blog post, although I will say playing the race trump card works. I don’t think you’re case is similar. How about taking more of an anabolic approach?

    If your case is based upon the merits of the type of care you offer small animals, how about making a deal with the COV? I know that this appears to concede that they are correct; but your goal is to practice veterinary medicine, not prove you are right.

    So how about offering to repeat your 4th year of veterinary school at a college of their choice? They may be so flabbergasted at the offer that they’ll bask in their PR victory, while you laugh all the way to the bank. Or offer to spin off your internet business as a wholly owned subsidiary under separate management (perhaps your brother…). Anabolic thinking catches catabolic organizations off guard and they are speechless because they are so self assured in their ivory tower.

  194. I would say – go to another lawyer and get a second opinion, get some references for a lawyer who has experience with veterinarians. No one can say you are not a good vet, but because you suggest holistic approaches well like in human medicine so docs are just not open to that. My daughter has Lyme disease and most doctors say treat for 6 weeks with antibiotics and that it usually does not come back, well my daughter has had many relapses due to Lyme and she found a doctor who is controversial in the way he aggressively treats Lyme disese, but because she goes to him she has her symptoms under control. Just because you will not push some of their medicines, stand up to them about your approach to treatment – shame on them for not letting you practice. Good luck. Wish there were more vets like you. Because of your e-mails, my cats and dog are healthier and I don’t let a vet talk me into giving 4 vaccinations at one time and my almost 17 year old cat has not received her vaccination in ovr a year because of the way they made her feel, but she eats healthy, is on less insulin and does not go outside and I think that is why she is doing so well. Now I am looking into the raw diets. I wish I could afford your supplements because all my animals looked healthier with them, but I just cannot right now with the economy. Good luck to you and get yourself a better lawyer and have a second or third opinion on what legal steps would help you.

  195. Find another high profile attorney and go after these people. They have held you hostiage for entirely long enough and now it is time for them to pay. Find someone who is able to fight the dirty fight they are throwing at you and isn’t afraid to back down. You definitely deserve your day in court as you have helped countless people with your advice and products. You have honestly earned your degree – now is the time to fight to have it reinstated. God Bless my friend!

  196. I’m not to sure of all of the arguments that the institution has raised but it seems to be very heavy handed and arbitrary. I think that you should look for the right lawyer and also talk to the local TV and press reporters.

    Jake and Isobel were moved to organise a massive sit down of cats at Institution HQ but they reluctantly agreed that we should try the PR and legal approach first.

    After all of the study time and costs that you have devoted to your calling, we wish you good luck. I don’t think that the Inst would want too much discussion on the overuse, high cost and unsuitability of excessive medication.


    I looked up Dr Bhullar’s name on the net just now after reading about him getting his vet licence back. The above link is the first piece of info I found, and there is a link to videos. In one video, it shows that someone on the veterinry board who determines licencing, had decided before the hearing that Dr Bhullar was guilty. Unfortunately, I could not play the videos on my computer – something missing from my windows player.
    I don’t know the details of how you lost your licence, Dr. Andrew, and am about to read up on that too. I presume it is because you offered alternate healing for pets and wrote some info about the unnecessary bills that pet owners are paying when an alternative holisitic treatment was available for much cheaper. Also, the food recommended by vets that some sell in their clinics is not good food, and I think you have come out with this info. But this is info anyone can discover on their own who researches good pet food vs bad, as I and many others have done.
    You have printed the truth about the exhorbitant cost of veterinary care, and how many times a cheaper and healthier alternative holistic treatment was available but not advocated. This happens in veterinary medicine but also with human medicine also. Doctors of both animals and people have very little education in nutrition, and little to none in preventive medicine.

    Holistic medicine for both humans and pets is a good thing that needs to be accepted and promoted. If holistic methods were combined with the practice of regular medicine, with ALL human and animal doctors, we would all be a lot better off, health wise, and financially.
    I hope you pursue getting your licence back, Dr. Andrew

  198. Absolutely go for it.. It is in the animals best interest, to have access to a Natural approach to Medicine…by a licsenced Holistic Vet…CAnnot get any better for our pets… All the best, as you search your Heart..Dr. Andrew..

  199. Hi Andrew,I don’t know much about your case ,but I don’t think you should compromise your ethics or principles we should be -‘True to ourselves”
    sounds like Mr.Bhullar only got his licence back because of a tecnicality and then ,played the race game,which happens far too often,did he get his vetenerian qualifications overseas?as in medical Doctors ,the qualifications are not up to the required standards of other countries,and are not accepted and they have to do more time to qualify as a practitioner,please don’t change ,as many start out with good intentions but lose their principles and ethics along the way to that God-money-never surrender.

  200. I couldn’t help a recurrent thought of mine over the years & years of refusing to submit to the party line of any narrow-minded governing body, let’s revolt!

  201. Personally, I don’t think you should ever give up. ESPECIALLY when you know you really didn’t do anything “wrong”. People should always have choices, it is my understanding you did that. Sadly, when someone thinks they are being “cheated” of that money, in what ever fashion they think, someone pays the price, unfortunately like you did. As to this Dr. Bhullar, I have no clue, I do know that when someone uses the “racist” card, I already don’t think to much of them. If he’s innocent, THAT is the ticket he should stand on. But I will be the first to admit I know little of Canada’s ways. You and your family have to look at all your options and follow your heart and what you know to be the truth.

  202. Dear Doc. Andrew,
    There are some very important principles involved in you being forced to relinquish your license.

    What is wrong with these people who head these medical associations? High ranking members of the Illuminati? Bent on reducing the world’s population while robbing it blind?

    It is difficult to believe that even the most uneducated of people living in the real world can be this blind to common sense, holistic knowledge and be so opposed to the wisdom of preventive health, let alone university-trained doctors, and their governing bodies.

    I wish you God’s grace and power to come against this barbaric, unenlightened (spiritual) attack on your sane standards of providing care; and to win a victory, not only to get your license back, but to continue the kind of practise that is good for both man and beast. Pray if you are a praying man, because a good lawyer is only half the battle. You have good and right on your side and I would think the Creator, who made the universe and everything in it, is just waiting for you to let him in on this battle. Sounds to me like an epic battle long overdue.

  203. Somethings are compromised for the overall good. As in medical research, if the benefits outweigh the risks, we often take the risk. Find the right lawyer and fight for your license.

  204. I’m not a lawyer but I can tell you that a “reverse discrimination” may be what you need to play out. Maybe the Vet college do not like fair haired, blue eyed(??) people.
    I too have told the truth in my careers and it cost me a few times but my conscience is very clear.
    Get another opinion or three. You need a tough guy who says it as it is.

  205. I think you need to do whatever you believe would be in your best interest and make you happy. It sounds like you would like to be working part time and miss the day to day contact with the people and animals.

    Hopefully some day all the medical profession will respect both allopathic medicine as well as alternative/functional medicine. There is a place for both. I continually have to struggle with my rights to not take meds and to incorporate food/vitamins/herbs in healing.

    I admire your stand on your beliefs and wish you were my vet. ps, your family looks lovely.

  206. The College is definitly violating free speech. This violates section 3(a) of the Human Rights Code. You can file a complaint without a lawyer and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  207. I agree with Sharon – have faith that the creator will help you.

    Get a second opinion, seek the best advocate for your case and preferably someone who has a passion for animals, animal health and alternative healing. Good luck – it can be done but you will need iron will to succeed. It could be helpful to read accounts by other people who have had the fight of their life for a cause etc to draw on their experiences and resources. Good luck.

  208. Never give up!! Keep fighting [hopefully you can afford this],but once you have your teeth into thi
    keep biting, keep “ringing” all available bells, but NEVER let go…..that board has too much power!!

  209. Dr. Andrew, Don’t ever give up. You are doing a wonderful job helping owners care for their pets. As a pioneer in your field you are getting a raw deal. You should definately get a second oppinion. Keep on fighting for what’s right so that others can folow in your foot steps. Pave the way. We need you! And our pets would be way better off if there were many others like you. Thank you for all you do and share. We stand with you.

  210. Here in the US we have been going to a “holistic vet” for years. (18, to be exact.) They are allowed to recommend all sorts of alternative treatments and herbs, vitamins, etc. We live in the Asheville area of North Carolina but about 20-25 years ago an MD by the name of Dr. John Laird fought the medical board to allow him to practice natural medicine. Other physicians followed after many thousands of us went to Raleigh to stop their Gestapo tactics. We finally won and have both doctors, vets, acupuncturists, ND’s practicing in our area. My advice is fight them tooth and nail, in the courts, in the press, in the capitals and in hell if you need to. Don’t allow them to take away your rights and freedoms. I will donate to your legal fee fund when you say. Good Luck, doc!

  211. Hi Dr. Andrew Jones,

    The above blog letters are magnificently voluminous in comprehensive words beyond the universal messages.
    Wish you and Michael the very BEST WISHES for bright 2012
    and prayers for the magnificently blessed animals. They do
    have you in their wholesome hearts. We all do thank you for
    your angel of mercy beyond measure and cherish in our gratitude.

  212. I recently got your address and have read your suggestions to help take better care of my dogs -cats. I am thankful for your advice and hope you will continue your blog. You are helping alot of people with your knowledge. Hope this new year will bring you closer to your desired results. I am just one of many who have profited from your shared experiences and advice. Because of that my animals are living a better and healthier life. God bless you, protect you and help you prosper through your endeavors. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to your next post.

  213. well u could use the fact that he was doing altcures but u could not say any thing about how he was practiseing it in a unclean place and the race

  214. Hi Andrew and Happy New Year to you and your Family and pets. I think you should forge ahead and get your license back. You went to school for many years to get it, you got it, you deserve it. I feel you are paving the way for other Vets who, like you, know that in some (not all) instances there are other ways of healing pets. It is just like so many Doctors who do not want to hear about alternative medicine, supplements, acupuncture etc.(which is changing now). The thing is people want this to be available to them so unless people fight for what they want nothing will change. I have used supplements for years with fabulous results and my dog whom i just lost to cancer, lived much longer, I believe, because she was on your Dog Supplement. Keep on fighting the fight YOU ARE WORTH IT and I will help in any way that I can.

  215. I’m not sure what the law profession teaching body is where you live. Here in Toronto it is Osgoode Hall. Contact the body where you are and get and ask if they can review your case … students take on cases, especially legally challenging ones … research, research, research is what a student or group of students can do with this as a project, especially, in this day and age where people are taking their own health into their own hands with alternative and homeopathic medicines … you are teaching people to treat their own pets the same way … educating them. It is clear that you do not recommend never using a vet, just educating people on when the traditional route is necessary. Honestly, I think your case would generate some interest with the students … I’ve learnt that lawyers don’t have all the answers … many don’t have a broad range in experience and they do very little research and provide surface opinions. I once went the route of seeking the opinion of a sitting judge who also had a practice and paid almost $1,000 just for an hour of his time … he could never hear the case himself, but he sure gave me the best legal opinion I had on my case. Research some judges and some law practices as well. Good Luck!

  216. You seem to be a very dedicated person to animals….I think you should be allowed to practice again….best of luck to you if you decide to try to be reinstated! 🙂

  217. Hi Doc

    I am From Vancouver.I’m Dr. Bhullar”s nephew. we are Happy to
    help if You need any info. Call Dr. Bhullar After Jan 6 /2012

  218. l am from Australia and l wish l could find a vet that cared as much as you seem too. My dog has panceratitis and l when to 3 vet and got the same advice “put her down”. l then searched the internet (how l found your site), and found a recipe for a chicken dish and she is much better. l think FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT against a system that would deregister a vet that cares about the animal not the money. PS love getting your emails

  219. Of course you should try to seek another opinion.
    This man has some serious allegations against him, and if any of them or true he doesn’t deserve a license regardless of his race.
    You were penalized unfairly for providing a healthy alternative to the “system”. An alternative way of helping our fur babies to live longer, healthier lives. We need more caring veterinarians like you, so may this be a totally happy and victorious New Year for you. You have a beautiful family.
    Stay Strong,
    Simone (Toronto,Ontario)

  220. I think you should come to the United States and practice, you would never have lost your license in the first place. The US is very open to alternative medicine. But you should definitely seek a second opinion and continue to fight.

  221. By all means fight for your license. You need to stand up and fight not just for yourself, but for your family and the community that needs you. I know so many people that need to know the things that you are teaching.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed 2012,

  222. I concur with a large percentage of other readers that you should consider getting a second opinion perhaps even a third opinion. The dust has now settled so to speak – if you can get a verbal consultation from the lawyer that represented this other vet – that would be ideal. Perhaps consult a lawyer dealing with constitutional law. If all three provide you with the same opinion – namely that your chances of success are slim then you will have to let sleeping dogs lie. There was a very outspoken lawyer in Victoria who used to represent the a political western party – can’t think of his name at the moment but he may be a possibility. Best of luck!

  223. I am seriously considering FILING A COMPLAINT AGAINST DR BHULLAR. My wish is to get his licence pulled for good. Everyone involved has suffered enough. My dog is still alive but since his surgery has come back numerous times much to our expense. And is suffering from permanant damage after his “routine surgery”, which bhullar claimed was normal while the other doctor refused to believe it was happening! How does that make sense?! It is no coincidence that all of these problems have arisen ever since we took our poor dog there. I googled this mans name and lo and behold there were articles on his license being REVOKED IN 2009!!! We continue to call the office everyday to get answers and continue to get the runaround. This place is a joke. We picked up our dog and he was covered in feces and blood and his sutures looked monstrous. If there is anybody out there going through anything similar please email me at we can’t let this man continue!

  224. The same thing happens with people doctors who push natural cures. Big Pharma rules governments world wide by giving them big payoffs.

  225. If your objective is to resume practicing as a licensed vet, then persue that. If you want to lead a crusade and prove some point – at the risk of never practicing again – then go for that. It’s easy for people who don’t have any skin in the game to urge you to stand on principle.

    You have a career at risk. What’s more important: helping pets (and their people) – or being a martyr?

    Assuming that getting licensed is what you really want, then get the right lawyer, set a realistic goal, and go for what you can get. Be prepared to eat some humble pie, and don’t over-reach.

    A journey of a thousand meters begins with a single step.

    Think of this as wisdom from an old geezer who has been knocked down many times, but keeps getting up and getting better.

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