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[Veterinary Secrets Podcast#3] Vaccines for Pets- What Should You Do?

By Dr. Andrew Jones


In this episode Dr Jones gives you a balanced approach to dog and cat vaccination.

Dr Jones tells you about vaccine risks, then shows you his advised vaccine protocol.

Dr Jones comments on the current vaccine controversy, with some suggestions to the BSVA which said this..


Then he talks about cataracts in dogs, and a new safe and effective holistic suppplement that you should consider.

Great stuff!


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New Dog and Cat Vaccine Guidelines from UC Davis: http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/vmth/small_animal/internal_medicine/newsletters/vaccination_protocols.cfm

Rabies Challenge Fund: http://www.rabieschallengefund.org/

Ocu-Glo Rx: http://www.ocuglo.com/


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM