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[Video] Abscess or Bite Wound: How To Treat At Home

By Dr. Andrew Jones

In this video Dr Jones shows you how to tell if your dog or cat’s bite wound is serious, then specific steps to take to treat an abscess at home.


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The Getting Started Kit contains:

1. Healing Your Pets At Home (mp4 Video download)

90 minute video introduction to at-home pet health care – covers the benefits of natural home health care, how and where to start at-home healing, introduction to the at-home exam, and a discussion of the basic healing modalities.

2. The At-Home Pet Health Exam Tutorial (mp4 Video download)

45 minute detailed tutorial video on how to perform a thorough health exam on your pets, at home.

3. Healing Modalities (mp4 Video download)

45 minute video on the 4 main healing modalities: Homeopathy, Herbs, Massage and Acupressure. Includes discussion and demonstration of each healing modality.

4. Healing Your Pets with Herbs (e-Book Download)


Herb Preparations
Top 16 Herbs Used in Veterinary Medicine
Nutritive Tonics
Drug Interactions, Side-Effects, and Contraindications
How to Incorporate Herbs in Treating Your Dog or Cat
Herbal Remedies For Specific Dog and Cat Diseases

5. Healing Your Pets With Homeopathy (e-Book Download)


Background (History, Explanation, Theory)
Case Analysis and Choosing a Remedy
Handling and Administering Remedies
Common Homeopathic Remedies
Top 20 Illnesses with Homeopathic Remedies
Vaccine Alternatives with Homeopathy

6. Healing Your Pets With Massage (e-Book Download)


Healing With Massage
Types Of Massage
Step By Step Pet Massage Treatment
Common Dog And Cat Conditions That Benefit From Massage

7. Healing Your Pets With Acupressure (e-Book Download)


Healing With Acupressure
Step By Step Pet Acupressure Treatment
Phases Of Treatment
Post Treatment
Acupressure Points
Acupressure Treatments For Specific Conditions

8. Getting Started Kit Guide (e-Book Download)

A brief introduction to the course, also includes the At-Home Pet Health Exam Guide and Worksheets you can print out to help when performing an exam on your own pet(s).

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One Response to “[Video] Abscess or Bite Wound: How To Treat At Home”

  1. Avatar Florence Baribeau Says:
    May 15th, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Good day Dr Andrew,

    I enjoyed watching your video! I strongly believe in Honey and Aloe Vera gel for wounds, etc. I use it all the time even for myself. What I learned in this video is how to properly clean a wound//abscess the correct way.

    Thank you, have a great day


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM