[Video] How To Give Sub Q Fluids to your Dog or Cat

In this video Dr Jones shows you the proper way to give subcutaneous fluids to your dog or cat.

You’ll learn:

-Why to Give Subcu fluids

-How to set up the Fluid bag, drip set, and needle

-Where to place the needle, and How to do it so it doesn’t hurt

-How much to give

The video is specific, informative, and mildly entertaining 🙂

Dr Andrew Jones

P.S. Being adequately hydrated is ONE of the big keys in ANY animal recovering from illness.

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4 thoughts on “[Video] How To Give Sub Q Fluids to your Dog or Cat”

  1. I just started my dogs on your supplements and watching and learning from your videos. How incredibly blessed we are to have found you Dr. Jones. Thank you for teaching us how to be our dogs Vet with your instructions.

  2. I am so glad you care enough to help us at home.Of course we still need the vet for specifics but there is a lot we can do ourselves when time is critical, and you have cared enough to give us the tools to really help our dear animals! Many thanks Sincerely, Linda Botbyl, Niagara Falls Ont. Ca.

  3. Thank you so much, I found your video very interesting and informative. I haven’t yet had to give sub q treatment to my animals, but now I know what my vet is doing when he treats them! Do you have a video on how to give injections?

  4. Dr Jones

    Thank You to creating the video it’s a simple procedure!
    Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2016

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