What’s itchy, oozy and you want it to go?

From: Dr Andrew Jones
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Re: What’s itchy, oozy and you want it to go?


Good morning to you and your furry family.

I have been seeing a whole bunch of hot spots lately.

Yesterday I even saw one on a cat.

In fact I had a dream about Lewis ( my dog) having a massive
hot spot causing him to chew all the hair off his tail.

The technical term is ” Acute Moist Dermatitis”- a local area of the
skin becomes infected.

The BIG POINT is that if you catch these early they can be safely,
effectively and naturally treated at home.

Here are some of my recommendations from my book.


A very itchy, smelly, oozy area on the skin. There may
be more than one spot. They often form on the face and
at the base of the ears. They are often very painful.

The technical name for a hot spot is acute moist
dermatitis. They are a local area of bacterial
infected hair follicles. They form most often during
the warm summer months. Any scratch or wound can cause
the skin to become infected and develop into a hot spot.
Most hot spots are secondary to some type of skin allergy.


REMOVE THE HAIR. This is the most important thing to do
in order to allow hot spots to heal. Use a pair of blunt
noses scissors to trim as much hair as possible on and
around the spot. If you have clippers use them for trimming.
These can be very painful and some dogs will not let you
trim much hair.

CLEAN THE AREA. Use a mild, non-perfumed antiseptic soap (Hibitane)
to clean the skin. Gently dab it on the spot, lather up and rinse well.

A CUP OF TEA. The key to curing hot spots is to get them to dry out.
A very effective antiseptic drying solution is tea and aspirin.
Brew up a strong cup of black tea and dissolve an aspirin tablet in it.
Soak a cloth in this brew and apply it to the area for 5 minutes four times daily.

I am constantly encouraged by you guys who continue to write. At present I
am unable to say anything about my current situation, based on advice
from my lawyer.

Here is one very heartfelt supportive email.


If I had a wish to be granted it would be that there would be
at least one holistic vet in every community across America and
that the holistic industry would be believed as much as
patented veterinary medicine.

If I had had better access to the appropriate supervision,
my little angel kitten might still be with me. My
nine month old kitten died in my arms just after midnight
this morning. When I got him at 10 weeks, he was the runt
of the litter, abandoned by the mother cat on a farm.
He was on the brink of death.Although he came from hearty
unvaccinated stock, he had respiratory problems throughout
his life. I was able to successfully treat an eye infection
and find and get rid of roundworms without vet assistance
but I constantly struggled with the respiratory problem.
I tried holistic treatments that just weren’t getting to it.

This past Saturday morning, I found him in a spare room hiding
under the bed. When I brought him out he was gasping for breath
and couldn’t stand up well. I took him to the emergency vet hospital.
The doc there found a severe bronchial infection and he was put
in a little tiny ICU oxygen tank. The doc said since he was young
and a fighter, he might have a good chance. I saw him twice during
the day and he was struggling a little but they were supporting
him with anitbiotic, oxygen, nebulizer in the air-

At my request, they supported him with probiotics. This was at
9:00 AM on Sunday- at 9:00PM they called me to say he had gone
into cardiac arrest. When I got there, the vet had stimulated his
heart with medication but couldn’t intubate him. She said there was
nothing else they could do, that there was probably brain damage
from what had happened moments earlier.?? After an hour there,,

I asked them to unplug the monitors and I brought his weak little
body home. Just after midnight, he passed in my arms.

I feel like I let him down, I didn’t try hard enough and I am sobbing
writing this to you.

Please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing- for my little
Bull Cat, my little 7 pound angel, when I get my money rolling again,
I will donate to your hospital if you will continue to spread the word.
He tau`1ght his three dog sisters to respect a cat and they groomed, played
and took care of him. When he was very little, he used to watch his one
sister drink from her water bowl. Eventually, he learned how to drink water.
There are so many stories for the short six months I had him in my life.

The closest holistic vet was booked months in advance. There just aren’t
enough compassionate and intelligent vets. Thanks for listening, I really
needed to tell you all of this. Thank you for all your newsletters,

He grew and matured and I got to watch him day by day learning his new world.

Respectfully and gratefully,



P.S. Thank You Maryanne- I need to be reminded of
why I have chosen to wander down a new path.

P.P.S. You can learn the exact specifics of diagnosing
hot spots by getting my HUGE At Home Exam Video as
part of my Complete Home Study Multimedia Course.

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Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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