You a Dog or Cat Person? Dr Jones is this..

Are you a dog or a cat person? According to psychologists this does correlate with what type of person you are. Extroverted or introverted..friendly.. neuotic..intelligent.. open or close minded..

Well Dr Jones goes over the science, gives you his thoughts, then reveals his true nature..

1 thought on “You a Dog or Cat Person? Dr Jones is this..”

  1. One of my favorite veterinarians I am a cat and a dog person I love all animals I take in the wildest animal probably I have taken in wild animals before and give him a TLC and let him go but I’ll tell you what Dr Joan knows a good portion of his stuff and I think the way they treated him in the college was nonsense and I appreciate him standing up for people like myself who doesn’t agree with all veterinarians most veterinarians want to put animals to sleep 90% of the time I’ve had a few myself that I take to the vet and they want to put down I bring home and I wind up making them better by doing it my way anyway God bless Dr Jones

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