Big Drug and Food companies

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Big Drug and Food companies


Good morning to you and your pets.

I was listening to a very interesting news story yesterday about
the increasind costs of brand name pharmaceuticals, and how the
large drug companies market their new products.

A key point is that they “give” fr**ee samples to every doctor they
can see, and the drug reps basically are the ones providing continual
education on these products.

Your doctor establishes a relationship with a drug rep, and is
more likely to advise you use a drug from this rep…

Doctors claim not to be influenced by the reps, but clearly they are..
there are many less expensive generic versions of some pretty
“big name” pharmaceuticals that are not being prescribed..

” Use this pink pill, Bob the friendly drug rep says its the best, plus
he has the studies to back it up..”


In veterinary medicine we have similar situations. In small animal
veterinary medicine, it is the Pet Food Companies which have a
BIG influence.

Many veterinary clinics make substantial revenue from food sales.

Most veterinarians have ZERO training in nutrition.

They will tell you a pet food is good based on information provided
by the friendly pet food rep..the same one who just so happened to
bring donuts, shiny pens, and discounted pet food for all the staff.

I’ve been influenced by my pet food representative in the past.

I spent little time learning about pet food quality or nutrition.

It wasn’t until my own dog died of cancer that I really started
to question the quality of my “veterinary only” food.

In the midst of the Pet Food Recall, the conventional veterinary
mantra is :

Don’t give clients Home Recipes.

The best diets are those balanced commercial diets found in a bag or can.


Over 4000 dead dogs and cats, and over 15000 sick pets as a result of
“balanced” commercial pet food.


P.S. If you are ready to make your pets own food, start with some Raw,
or you want a list of my SAFE pet foods, then you should check out:

Pet Food Recall Report

It’s Your Pet- Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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1 thought on “Big Drug and Food companies”

  1. I am just heart broken for all these innocent animals that have died and are suffering. Thank you so very much for your research. I left a post a few weeks ago of the food I am presently feeding my dogs and cat. Could you please read it and tell me if you feel the food is good to feed my animals? I included the email I sent the companies and what they said to me back. I have waited for a few weeks to get a answer to my post…maybe I did it wrong….please let me know…also you use to send me emails of updates and now I no longer recieve them since I became a member…why? I so look forward to all the latest news for my pets health.
    thank you

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