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Dog and Cat New Years Resolutions

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Hello and a HAPPY New Year to you, and your pets.

New Years Resolutions?

Here’s a ‘no brainer’ resolution
to keeping your dog and cat healthy.

The KEY to a Healthy Pet

Do you do these?

I tend to avoid them as most of them
don’t seem to last-

Like exercise more.

Eat better

Be a better person- and avoid saying
negative things about my In laws ( as an
example of course)

….the list can go on and on…

SO what do you oh wise Dr J advise?

Well I am glad you asked 🙂

Spend a bit of time reflecting on what
you are grateful for now-

One of the things I am grateful for is
my pets- Lewis, Cleo and my newest cat Trent the Terror

They are an abundant source of unconditional love-
and in today’s crazy world, that’s pretty hard
to find.

Appreciate your dogs and cats-

Give them some love in return.

And that’s partly HOW I’ll be bringing
in the New Year.

Walking Lewis in the snow- chasing the toboggan.

Letting Trent climb the Christmas Tree 🙂

And giving Cleo some affection.

I am grateful that they are ALL now healthy-
BUT I want them to STAY that way.

Keeping your Pets healthy

If your dog and cat’s are healthy ..GREAT

Keep them that way.

The easiest and most effective WAY to do this
is by being part of my Inner Circle.

This month I am coming out with a
new Video on the TOP Dog and Cat
Herbal Remedies..

The most IMPORTANT Herbs to be using NOW
for common dog and cat health problems..

Allergies: burdock, EFA’s, Oatmeal

Urinary tract infections: cranberry, Vitamin C,

Wounds: aloe, comfrey, calendula

Respiratory infections: echinacea, oregon grape root

Immune suppression: astragalus, echincaea, elderberry, reishi, shitake

Liver disease: milk thistle, turmeric

Conjunctivitis: eyebright, tea compresses

Diabetes: gymnema, chromium

Arthritis: devil’s claw, white willow

Motion sickness: ginger, chamomile

Hot spots: black tea

Vomiting: Ginger, Chamomile,

HOW to make a Herbal concoction and cream
for topical treatments

Herbs to AVOID- PLUS Herbal interactions with
common Veterinary medications.

TO get your pet on the safest and MOST effective
methods to keeping them healthy and treating the
most common dog and cat health conditions go here:

The MOST effective Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats


P.S. As I write this email, Trent my new cat is hanging
from the 3rd branch of the X-mas tree- and in the spirit of
gratitude, I am letting him…

If you are wanting to learn A WHOLE lot more about Herbal
Remedies that WORK, get my Special Introductory Trial
of ONLY $9.97 now- you’ll get a DVD sent to your door.

It’s at: The MOST effective Herbal Remedies for ONLY $9.97

Have a Safe and Merry New Years!!

It’s Your Pet…Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM