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Dog Noise Anxiety: How To Treat With Natural Solutions

By Dr. Andrew Jones

The big key to having a healthy dog or cat is also knowing WHAT to do to prevent common dog and cat diseases in the first place.

Such as knowing what to feed, what vaccines to give and avoid, and what natural treatments you can use to treat chronic illnesses such as allergies.

I’ll show you precisely what you can do immediately to both prevent and treat diseases in your dog or cat; you’ll be using my holistic tips and remedies with simple easy to follow instructions.

Sound interesting?

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3 Responses to “Dog Noise Anxiety: How To Treat With Natural Solutions”

  1. Avatar Gale Says:
    November 5th, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Bach rescue remedy or thunderstorm remedy works fast in dogs. I have used it on my dogs and on anxious dogs I train.

    To me the Thindershirt is the same as hugging your dog during these crisis events. Bach flower remedies are natural and takes away the anxiety so that they can see that the noise doesn’t hurt them, and after they learn this, there is no more problem.

    The one problem with the flower remedies is that it is hit and miss with cats.

  2. Avatar linda of The Body Code to Health Says:
    November 5th, 2013 at 10:46 am

    Some good tips. Thanks, especially dosage for the Valerian. I find that all you mentioned, as well as the flower essences have varying degrees of success. Great results on some dogs, little to none on others. Are you familiar with the Emotion Code? It works especially well on dogs whose fear issues are similar to your dog Max. When a traumatic event happens, the emotions triggered can actually get trapped in the body. This causes the body to reasonate w/ this emotion – fear, in this example, making it much more likely that the dog will overreact in a fearful manner. The Emotion Code RELEASES these Trapped Emotions, often making the issue go away by itself, or at the very least, making your other tips much more effective!

    For an interesting read, check out ‘The Emotion Code’ by Dr. Brad Nelson. I have been a dog trainer for 20+ years, and became a Certified Emotion Code practitioner several years ago after being totally blown away by results. I would love to do a session or two for you or one of your animals to show you how this works. You can also check out my website (The Body Code to Health – linked to my name above)for more info.

    As always, thanks for your tips!

  3. Avatar Gale Says:
    November 5th, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    I am a reiki master and do quantum touch healing as well.
    If you match the anxiety source with the right essence, results are assured with dogs. I have also used TT on them and massage.

    I have a now 13 year old Cavalier who had intestinal problems and every time she was surprised by a noise, even from a clicker, she would tense up, causing pain in her gut, and she associated noise with pain. Even after she was put on a vegan diet (she is protein intolorent) she still remembered the pain and would work herself into such a tizzy that she would foam at the mouth and sometimes vomit. Two doses of thunderstorm remedy has completely cured the problem, and she even wants to go out in some of the really violent storms, which I would not allow.

    Cavaliers rarely live to see 13, and my other 13 year old has had MVD since he w


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM