[Go Pro Video] What Your Dog Does When You Leave

Anyone who has ever owned a pet will have at one point wondered what they get up to when left to their own devices at home.

Mike Holmes, a radio host from Missouri in the US, found he didn’t really want to know the answer after putting a GoPro camera on his dog’s neck.

Rather than tearing round the place, attempting to steal food and generally causing chaos, Guinness the goldendoodle runs from window to window looking for Mike after the front door closes.

When he realizes he’s not outside, Guinness runs into Mike’s bedroom and sits on the bed, yelping and howling throughout.

“It just broke my heart,” Mike admitted to the Springfield News Leader. “I had never heard him howl like that. I never heard him whine like that.”

He is now considering getting another dog to keep Guinness happy when he leaves the house.

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