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In Memory of My Dad [Very Funny TV Video]

By Dr. Andrew Jones


My Dad died 4 years ago today- and yes he is still missed.

My brother Michael made up a great memorial page, along with putting up the infamous CBC On The Road Again Video Clip- you WILL laugh 🙂

Dad really lived, he loved, he laughed often and loud, and ultimately he made a difference in the lives of so many people.

His accomplishments were many and varied- he was an avid Scout Leader, the local Auctioneer, a leader in the Cattleman’s Association, active in local politics, becoming Chairman of the School Board, and a lifelong Liberal with many a fundraiser, election campaigns, and arguments in defense of Pierre Trudeau.

He had a love of golf, which led him to start Lillooet’s first Golf Course – The Sheep Pasture Golf Course – in 1985. In 1989 he was featured with Wayne Rostad in CBC’s On the Road Again. His loud laugh could often be heard booming across the barn yard from the Pro Shop.

My father had character; he was kind, loving, generous, opinionated, determined, a dreamer, a lifelong reader and learner, the least judgmental person I know, and someone who valued family and integrity.

Did he matter? …yes.

Will he be missed? …very much so.


To see the video, go to his memorial page:



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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM