Kennel Cough in Dogs: What It Sounds Like and Effective Natural Remedies

In this video you’ll hear what Kennel Cough sounds like, the signs, the causes, and effective home remedies.

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1 thought on “Kennel Cough in Dogs: What It Sounds Like and Effective Natural Remedies”

  1. Dear Dr. Jones,
    My sister Kimmie has a sick fur baby that has her very worried. Can you help? Our mom is in Hospice care at Kimmie’s home and she had to quit her job of 17 years to take care of mom,so $ is tight. Her Shih tzu (13lbs.) Mia is sick. She has very dry nose,lathargic,just stares at Kimmie like some ting is wrong, feels fevery,chills,not wanting to eat or drink,not urinating and hasn’t gotten off the bed but once to change beds.She holds her head strange alot,where her neck is straight out and looking up. She isn’t responding to Kimmie calling her at all.Didn’t even get excited when ‘daddy’came home from work.Kimmie is crying,what to do?How do you check a dog’S temp? What is considered a fever for a dog? Can you tell her what to do?We so love our fur babies. I have questions about my baby too.If you are able to call me day or night 936-687-4043,please do,Sir.My fur baby Madison is about to turn 15. She isn’t acting right, has a cough,barely eats,is just under 5 lbs.I’m a widow on disability and can’t afford a vet visit. I truly thank you for any information you can help us with. God bless you! Kay Cooper

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