Natural Sedatives For Dogs And Cats


Is there such thing as a natural sedative?

Great question, and one that my wife asked as our older senile cat YOWLED throughout the night.

You may be wanting this for a trip to the groomer, when you have guests, OR as im my case, get some sleep.

I have used a few different holistic options, some have helped, some not so much.


VALERIAN. Acts on the neuroreceptors in the brain. It may decrease anxiety in your pet, but it must be given for two weeks. The dose is 50 mg per pound of the dried herb or one drop per pound of body weight twice daily of the extract.

I have found this to work especially well for my own animals.

MELATONIN. This is the hormone that your body produces to get you to sleep. The pet dose: is 1mg/20lbs given 1 hour prior to bed.

SKULLCAP. Dose: one drop per pound of the tincture.

PASSIONFLOWER. Dose: one drop per pound of the tincture.

COMBINATION PET SUPPLEMENT.The most popular one is one called Calm Pet, which contains Melatonin, Kava Kava, St John’s Wort, Valerian and Chamomile. Use as directed on the label.

Tonight I’ll be using valerian and melatonin.

Best Wises,

Andrew Jones, DVM

4 thoughts on “Natural Sedatives For Dogs And Cats”

  1. I did a search for Calm Pet and can’t find it other than some mentions in the past it was made by Nutrabest/Natural Pet Nutrition. Could you provide a link for purchasing this please if it’s still around?

  2. I purchased 60 vegetarian kava kava 250mg capsules by Webber Naturals for my 2 cats their about 17 pounds each how much would I give give them

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