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Many veterinary bills include ‘inappropriate’ costs

By Dr. Andrew Jones

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2 Responses to “Many veterinary bills include ‘inappropriate’ costs”

  1. Avatar Catherine Hanson Says:
    October 5th, 2013 at 6:58 am

    Hi. I watched the video on what Vets in Canada are charging. This has gone on in the States as well, I just keep saying NO, I know what my dogs require. I am not willing to pay for their schooling in as short as time as possible!!. I feel that is what is happening along with they need to make a huge living!! I do not mind paying for Doctor care be it Pets or Humans, but it must be within some kind of reason. They have a mind set that says People will pay whatever to take care of their pets. There are more and more pets in Humane Centers and Rescues because people will no longer pay. Every home should have a pet that can be reasonably looked after. It is good for our health! I have one big complaint though, I have a dog that is 16 years old, she no longer requires rabies, but my City will not license her without it. I don’t license the dog, end of story. I have no idea on how to inform people about Health Care of Humans or Pets, I have pretty much given up. Luckily I have a Mobile Vet, that is reasonably charged, that now takes care of my pets, bird included. I live in Iowa. Maybe, eventually, we will get peoples ATTENTION!! Thank you

  2. Avatar I care Says:
    October 9th, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    I have been overcharged by two vets for almost 3,000.00 dollars for one of our servicemen’s dog that I am caring for. They kept sending me back and forth between the two of them, raising the charges of the bill higher and higher and they almost killed the poor dog. All the dog needed was insulin and to have it regulated. One of the two vet’s would not even tell me what the total cost was and just kept saying he would work with me to keep it as low as possible and for me not to worry. Then he said the dog needed surgery, but By then I knew that the dog just needed insulin. It’s been almost a year now and the dog is regulated on insulin daily and doing great! I’m still paying for the bogus vet fees and I have no where to turn to get any relief for the lies and false vet charges. I trusted these people to be honest. Sad to say, Our serviceman was unable to take his dog back when he returned from the war, so I am caring for him and still paying the vet bills.


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM