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Normal Blood Tests, but my pet is still sick…

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.veterinarysecretsrevealed.com

Re: Normal Blood Tests, but my pet is still sick – HELP


I had a recent email request for help from a friend – his name is Ray.

His Pug, called Pugsly, has been Sick.

NOT eating.

Intermittent VOMITING.

SO… he went to the Vet.


Blood Work.



My friend was told, “Your dog is fine, and their in NOTHING that we can do.”


He still WON’T eat.

Doesn’t sound so fine to me.

BUT there are things that YOU can do

I have a detailed section on vomiting, and stomach upset in Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

There are MANY alternatives… and if your pet is NOT eating, there is CLEARLY something WRONG.

You see Ray KNOWS his dog.

YOU know if something is WRONG with your pet.

TRUST your instincts.

THEN follow the simple steps in my book and course.


SO here is the EXACT email I sent to Ray…


Hello Ray –

Sorry to hear of little Pugsly’s illness. Here are my thoughts:

Likely a food reaction – and perhaps some gastric reflux, ie Heartburn..

Another possibility is a chronic, yet difficult to diagnose pancreatitis.

SO what can you do???

1. An easy to digest lower fat food… you can make your own with cooked chicken, plus plain old white rice for the next 7 days..

2. Get him on a few things to calm an upset belly – I like peppermint tea – you can just use this instead of water.

3. An Over The Counter Antacid… there is one called Pepcid which is very safe and works well (the actual drug name is famotidine). The dose is 5mg twice daily for a 20lb dog, such as Pugsly. You can use this for the next 3 days.

4. If this works, then you need to look at a commercial lower fat, easy to digest diet…

Happy Pug Healing 🙂



P.S. There are many, many common cat and dog health problems that can be treated with simple, at home remedies. Sure you can find ‘cures’ on the internet – BUT can you TRUST them?

To get Remedies that you can TRUST go here:


P.P.S. Here are just a few testimonials…

“I was searching for information about cancer cures when my Greyhound developed cancer and was only given six months to live. As he was a valued member of our family, I wanted to learn all I could about what I could do differently or could have done differentlly that might have prolonged his life. He has passed on but, thanks to your course, I have gotten a greater understanding of how loving pet owners may be over vaccinating their dogs and the importance of healthy diets. I highly recommend your course to all the loving pet owners who want to do the best they can to help their pets live a longer healthier life.
Keep up the good work, and thank you for showing the courage to show that there are alternative methods to pet care.”
Joe Alexander, Montour Iowa

“I really like this course. It’s the best thing I have bought for the benefit of my pets.
I’m really pleased I bought it. Thank you for making it available to all pet owners. I think we are entitled to know the basics of really caring for our pets, and you have enabled us to do just that.
Having this information could save our pets lives because you tell us how to deal with a pet which collapses for no apparent reason, how to deal with broken bones, bleeding, etc.
This is invaluable information for all pet owners.”
Lenise, UK

“Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought. I have 5 toy poodles so I need all the help I can get. Its also saved me a bundle. Iam no vet but I do know my girls and they are all fighting fit thanks to using ideas in your book. No more outragous vet bills (sorry). I have used many of the things in there. At the moment the girls all have flaxseed iol on their food at night. which I always cook for them every night.”
Kathleen Cooper, Qld Australia

“Dr. Jones,
The Home Study Course is awesome. I used information in it the same weekend I received it. I found it easier to have the books and audios at my fingertips.
My dog Poppy was stung by something on her chest as it looked like a sore spot with a little puncture/sore in it and I looked for that in the Pet First Aid book and used baking soda paste and then calamine lotion to soothe it.
I checked her vitals and she didn’t have any severe allergic reactions thank goodness. I used butter knife to scrap it a little suggested in the book to make sure the stinger was removed. Alright apparently I have no idea what a stinger looks like but if anything was there then surely it was gone. I just assumed it probably looked like a splinter perhaps. A few days later it seemed to have some fluid in the sore and it was a little puffy like possibly it was getting a little infection but she didn’t seem to be itchy and wasn’t scratching it.
I couldn’t find the Calendula lotion mentioned in your book at my local Herbal store in fact he acted like he never heard of it so I had my daughter look at it and she said well it was perfectly round and had no hair on it and it looked like Ring Worm to her and well Poppy isn’t a cat but the antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) I had started putting on it suggested by the Veterinary assistant wasn’t helping a bit so started putting the v inegar treatment on it twice a day noted in the Veterinary Secrets and I had decided if it didn’t look better by the weekend I would take her to the Veterinarian but it looked so much better and the little sore on it has all healed up so I’m hoping the hair will grow back in soon. Vinegar is great even though it may have not been exactly step by step thing as mentioned in the books at least I could look for some everyday items in my own cabinet to try without having to take her to get a cortisone shot.
My other dog Scar is 2 year old boxer mix and has had the worst trouble with itching and hair lo*ss from skin allergies. He had been receiving cortisone (steroid) shots monthly for about a year and he looked horrible.
I was afraid he was dying. Using your Veterinary Secrets advice I have started giving him a better quality pet food that has Selenium and Vitamin E and no wheat or corn and is supposed to have no by-products, weekly oatmeal baths and Promeris flea/tick monthly application.
I tried Revolution but that one didn’t seem to help him at all. He has hair!!! He seems to be so much happier.
Thank you!”
Michelle Tidwell, OK

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM



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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM