Not in My Back Yard Short Sighted Neighbors…

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Not in My Back Yard Short Sighted Neighbors…


This will be short, as I spent a long time at the clinic last night
with an emergency… I am counting 4 hours of sleep.

I was managing a seizuring dog, and this requires intensive care.

As I live in a small town, we are the emergency clinic, so at times
I work round the clock.

I have mentioned in the past that next to my clinic there is an animal
shelter called the ‘Second Chance Animal Shelter’ (at

For those of you familiar with animal shelters, they are expensive to operate,
and difficult to fund.

One very kind and generous lady is in the process of trying to be able to
fund the shelter on an ongoing basis.

She has purchased land, and working with myself, we are wanting to
operate a crematorium, and donate all profits to the animal shelter.

Seems like a worthwhile thing, right?

She even wants to establish an animal sanctuary, and eventually donate
it all to the animal shelter.

Yet the neighbors who live beside this property don’t want it.

The ‘not in my backyard’ response.

The area has little restrictions on zoning, in fact you could start
a feedlot or huge LOUD barking dog kennel or even a gun range.

The crematorium is state of the art, and there is NO odor… in fact most
crematoriums are in residential areas.

The neighbors have signed petitions and have convinced a governing body
to re-look at the application.

Hard to believe?

Here is someone willing to do the right thing, 100% for the better good
of society, and the neighbors are intending on blocking it.

Go figure.

We are now waiting for the governing body to respond.

I’ll keep you all posted.


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Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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