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‘Nurse Cat’ Comforts Other Sick Animals in Polish Animal Shelter

By Dr. Andrew Jones

Radamenes 1

Rademenes is a 9-month-old Polish cat, who has become very popular on the internet, but for all the right reasons (sorry to the Kardashians..)

Rademenes is a nurse cat who is comforting sick animals at a Polish animal shelter. He doles out hugs and kisses.


The Polish news channel TVN Meteo reports that Rademenes was brought to the animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, with a serious respiratory disease while only 2 months old.

Radamenes was given a grave diagnosis from the veterinarians at the animal shelter. They doubted whether or not he would survive, but began treatment when he started to purr.

Soon after he recovered, Rademenes started befriending other animals, paying special attention to those who were recovering from surgery.



Shelter director Izabella Szolginia told TVN Meteo that Rademenes provides both cats and dogs with “hugs” when they appear to be sick.

He’s even been spotted cleaning other animals’ ears by staff members who now jokingly call him a “full-time nurse.”


Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones

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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM