Pet Food Recall Update

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: Pet Food Recall Update


I now see that the number of affected dogs and cats
by the Pet Food Recall is in the thousands.

A website called Pet Connection has a database of affected
pets, and that number is over 6000.

This is truly unbelievable that in this modern day period
of technology, and the ability to analyze and check everything,
a banned toxin makes its way into close to 100 different brands
of foods.

Menu Pet Foods can’t guarantee which?? specific Lot Numbers are
affected, so they have asked stores to remove ALL brands of
canned, and moist food from their shelves.

My advice..If you were feeding any of the affected brands, even dry,
then STOP it and switch to a premuim quality, natural brand.

You should consider making your own pet food, and feeding
a portion of the diet as RAW.


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feeding your pet healthy food in my new bonus book,
Pet Food Secrets.

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Pet Food Secrets

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Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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