Pet Foods Linked To Heart Disease (16 Brands)

The FDA has released their findings into the investigation of Diet and DCM ( Dilated Cardiomyopathy), reporting 524 cases, and 16 Brands of Pet Food which have been linked to 10 cases or more.

• Acana (67 cases)
• Zignature (64 cases)
• Taste of the Wild (53 cases)
• 4Health (32 cases)
• Earthborn Holistic (32 cases)
• Blue Buffalo (31 cases)
• Nature’s Domain (29 cases)
• Fromm (24 cases)
• Merrick (16 cases)
• California Natural (15 cases)
• Natural Balance (15 cases)
• Orijen (12 cases)
• Nature’s Variety (11 cases)
• NutriSource (10 cases)
• Nutro (10 cases)
• Rachael Ray Nutrish (10 cases)

Both pet owners and veterinary professionals should continue to report cases of dogs and cats with DCM that could be linked to diet. To report, use the online Safety Reporting Portal at
or call your state’s FDA consumer complaint coordinator at

4 thoughts on “Pet Foods Linked To Heart Disease (16 Brands)”

  1. On the Rachael Ray Nutrish… Do you know if its only the Grain Free on hers? I have been feeding the Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe. Should I switch?

  2. Thank you. I thought Nutro was on the good list. Is there a website with more specific info, like which Nutro, etc is on the list?
    Thank you for keeping us informed.

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