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Preventing Parvovirus In Dogs

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.theonlinevet.com

Re: How can You STOP those Infectious Diseases?


A cheery Good Morning to you.

I am getting ready for a LONG weekend ON-Call- I am hoping
that it will be quiet.

Remember the Puppy who came in with Parvovirus yesterday?

Vomiting/Bloody Diarrhea and Dehydrated..

Well it turns out that he came from a Breeder
with many other Puppies on the property.

And the Question to me was:

WHAT else can I do to help boost the Puppies Immune
systems so they Don’t get Parvovirus?

1. Have them on a Premium Quality Diet. I have a detailed
list of these in the membership site:


2. De-Worm them all- ensure they are NOT fighting anything

3. Get them ALL vaccinated for Parvovirus.

4. FATTY ACIDS ARE ESSENTIAL. Omega 3 fatty acids are great
anti-inflammatories and immune boosters. Flax is the best source
for dogs: the dose is 1tsp per cup of dog food. For cats, the
liquid form is the only option, and they should receive 500mg
twice daily of Salmon oil or a supplement such as EFA Caps
purchased from your veterinarian.

5. HERBAL HELP. Herbs can help strengthen the immune system.
GREEN TEA (CAMELLIA) stimulates the immune system.
ESSIAC TEA contains a combination of herbs which are immune stimulating.
GARLIC has antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties. It is
best used in conjunction with other antioxidants. When given at
high doses it can cause anemia in your pet, so it is best used
under the supervision of your veterinarian.
6. TRANSFER FACTOR. Transfer factors are tiny molecules that are
able to convey immunity information from one entity to another
to educate naive cells about a present or potential danger
along with a plan for action. Although the mostly notable
function of these smart molecules is to speed up the recognition
phase of an infection making the duration of an illness much shorter,
transfer factors also have the ability to suppress an over active
immune system. All said, transfer factors have the ability to
balance out the function of your immune system, whether it needs
to increase in function or be reduced in the case of auto-immune


P.S. The Puppy is doing O.K., but still having severe bloody
diarrhea- Many pups spend 4-5 days in the hospital and a few
even die from Parvo, in spite of doing everything.

I’ll keep you all updated on his progress.

To ensure that your pet has an optimal immune system, I suggest
a dose of On Going Learning- You can get THE most up to date
Health Tips to Treat and Prevent Disease by going to:


It’s Your Pet…Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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One Response to “Preventing Parvovirus In Dogs”

  1. Avatar Jessica Says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    My puppy had Parvo, he was only 8 weeks old, and just a few pounds. I took him to the vet and realized that it would be anywhere from 600-1500 dollars to cure him, even then he may not survive. So I looked up puppy parvo on Google.com for any alternatives, I found many things that people had tried, and they said it worked, so I chose the raw eggs, children’s Pedialite, and children’s pepto method. What you will need is the following…

    * Eggs (enough to last several days)
    * Children’s Pepto
    * Instant rice
    * Hamburger
    * Children’s Pedialite (or Gatorade will work also)
    * A Syringe for feeding
    * You might also want to get puppy training pads or newspaper

    Directions: First take your dog and place him in a sterile dog cage, with the puppy pad or news paper covering the bottom because there will be lots of throw up and lots of diarrhea. Then sterilize your whole home, I used a spray found in the pet area of Walmart, its called “Odo Ban”. It also smells really good. Then Used bleach on all hard floors and dog cage. After everything is clean, DO NOT let your puppy out of his/her cage until he is completely healed. THEN… I took a raw egg and blended it with a fork and put it in the Syringe and force fed him. I gave him 2 table spoons of egg and 1 table spoon of Pedeilite every 4 hours for 3 days. I also gave him the children’s pill form of Pepto 3 times a day. I cut the pill in half and put it at the back of his throat. The serving size for your puppy may be greater depending on his size. I did this for about 3 days and until he was a lot more play full, and until his diarrhea was gone. (I also changed his pad evey time he went potty and sterilized his cage every time to keep the parvo contained.) After the 3 days was up I boiled Instant rice and ground up hamburger and fed him 1/4 of a cup every four hours. ( try this one time and wait to see if he can hold down the solid food. If its thrown back up go back to eggs and pedielite for 2 more days.) Then try it again… After the first day of giving them the rice (and the puppy kept it down), try soft dog food the next day. If they keep that down, then your good to go, give them a sterile bath and they are now free to run around and play.

    Why this works: This method works because puppy’s die from being dehydrated, not from the sickness its self, the key is keeping them from throwing up and healthy while the sickness goes away. They need lots of electrolytes. The Raw eggs for Nutrition, and pepto to keep there tummy’s calm. It worked for my little boy, and I hope it works for you. He is now the happiest little thing. Dont forget to follow up with another vet visit to make sure all is well. Keep them in the house and off the outside ground for atleast a week more just so you wont spread the sickness to any other dogs. Good luck i hope this helps you 🙂

    Jessica Fitzgerald

    My puppy is about 3 pounds, so there might me a slight change in feeding, Be sure not to over feed, were not trying to make them full, just enough to keep them alive.


Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM