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Seizuring and no money…

By Dr. Andrew Jones

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: http://www.theonlinevet.com

Re: Seizuring and no money


Hey fellow readers – a cheery Monday to you!

One emergency call that I had this weekend was a dog seizuring.

His head and legs were rigid and extended.

He was paddling.

Lying on his side and unresponsive.

It had lasted a few minutes when his owner phoned.

NO Money

They wanted to KNOW if there was anything they could do at home.

They didn’t have much money.

First I would NEVER refuse an emergency client like this – and I let them know that.

Then I recalled the Acupressure Interview I had with Dr Michael Lines.

He had seen a seizuring person treated in a restaurant with a specific point.

So I gave the specifics to the owner.

At the base of your pets nose-right below the nostrils, there is a very responsive acupressure point.

I had them hold their middle finger over that point – with moderate pressure – for 1 minute.

Then what happened?

He STOPPED seizuring.


Did the Acupressure do this?


Many seizures do just stop on their own.

BUT it was a pretty impressive cause and effect.

The name of the point?

GV 26

It is also used in CPR – for years I have used this area to get dogs and cats to start breathing – especially when they are first under anesthetic.

I never imagined that it was an Acupressure point.

I am all jazzed about this Acupressure stuff – I really feel that it can help MANY ill dogs and cats – and it has NO side effects.

To hear my Interview with Dr Lines, and to get a video of me demonstrating acupressure points go here:



P.S. I feel that the BIGGEST Acupressure benefit is in Arthritis – and this is a 100% side effect free remedy. If your dog or cat has any arthritis, you really should be utilizing this regularly.

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It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM


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Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM