Separation Anxiety In Dogs

If your dog has big problems being separated from you, then he may have separation anxiety.

Fear not for conventional medication is NOT the only answer.

Dr Jones shows you how to tell if your dog has separation anxiety, and how you can naturally treat this at home.

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew


4 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety In Dogs”

  1. Your article about “Separation Anxiety” couldn’t come at a better time. We had to put our 13 year old chocolate lab Truffles to sleep a week and a half ago, leaving our 11 year old yellow lab Taffy with severe separation anxiety, to the point where don’t want to leave her alone at all and arrange to have someone with her when we can’t take her with us!

  2. Great info on dealing with separation anxiety issues; thank you. I loved watching Pippi in this video. She has a winning personality; though I still miss seeing Lewis. Thank you for a great product supplement for my dog and your great learning videos. My bull-dog is 9 1/2 and in excellent health. I swear it’s the supplement.

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