Sleeping With Your Dog: Good or Bad Idea?


In this video Dr Jones goes over the pros and cons of allowing your dog to sleep on your bed.

Interestingly Dr Jones is in his pyjamas…feel free to comment 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sleeping With Your Dog: Good or Bad Idea?”

  1. Yes, both our dogs do — either with us or the kids. They are part of the family 🙂

    Love your vids. Thank you Dr. Jones!

  2. Love your open attitude about this. My labs feel like they are protecting me.
    I love it. Works for me.

  3. Yes I have Dazy-girl my cat sleeping on my bed at the end of it where my feet are, then at times she will come and sleep by my pillow. I love and of course I don’t mind. If this makes her happy then I’m happy. Good video Dr. Andrew.

  4. Yes, my small female whippet, now 15 loves the bed and dogs love the same comforts as us.
    One is more likely to get germs- air-born on a train or from contact with other great apes including hospitals- they are the deadliest. My pet has never made me sick. In fact she has made me well. Apart from lowering blood pressure to a healthy level the unconditional love from a dog is precious.

  5. Love Dr Andrew’s common sense approach to this once very rigid issue. Most dog persons will tell absolutely don’t allow Fido in the bed (which I’ve never adhered.) While Dr Andrew has a sensible view that lends itself to individuality and freshness, treating patients like the unique people they really are. Thanks Doc for acknowledging that every dog is different!!!

  6. Yes, our 10 yr old Shih Tzu Jack is a member of our pack. He sleeps at the foot of our bed, or sometimes curls up in the crook of my arm if its cold. He does has a warm, fluffy Kong bed, and splits the night between our and his bed. He is a loving, loyal member of our family.

  7. You are just too cool! I am a Vet Tech and love your videos, advice and your practical approach to Veterinary medicine. Wish we had more like you in my neck of the woods. I must say I’m a little jealous of your city free lifestyle and personally hope to make that change for myself in the next few months. I love how you obviously love “the beasts” as I affectionately call them. Keep up the great work. You brighten my days!

  8. Hahahahaha! I love it Dr Andrew!!! All of my dog’s I’ve had,and have now, have been my bed partner! I also wanna tell you how much I enjoye the farm.Enjoy your stay. Praying for safe trip back home.?

  9. My two dogs sleep with me every night. I have been sleeping with my pets since I was a kid, I wouldn’t want it any other way! My year old dog Belle sleeps on and off in her crate in my bedroom, that is her choice she is free to choose. My older dog Vozzy sleeps by me all night, he has some anxiety problems this keep him calm.

  10. Honey and Elsa love cuddling in bed with me, especially during the colder weather. Both start under the covers, Elsa loves being around my feet and Honey loves being beside me. Both are free to move as they wish. I have always shared my bed with my four legged companions. All have regularly received veterinary care. For me, I am far more likely to ‘catch’ something from the humans I meet daily, than from sharing my bed with my beloved four legged companions.

  11. Not only was my wolf, Apache, my constant night time companion, but when my 3 young grandchildren visited we all cuddled, and frolicked and laughed and slept in a tangle. All 3, now adults, have great affection and respect for all living forms and frequently reminisce on how much fun those times were. Wolf – whispering grannies from Long Island, NY

  12. All my dogs have always slept in bed with me including my cat! It’s so natural for me and the best feeling!

  13. Yes 6 of our furry kids sleeps with us on our bed. Before my kitty was PTS due to blood cancer he also slept on the bed with all the other furry kids.

  14. Each one of my dog, the last 60 years have always shared a part of my bed. Now that I am a widow they have taken over the ‘other side’ of my twin bed that is tied up together. They are family and have every right to all that will be of comfort to them. Dr. Jones you show the world how to live, love and laugh with our companions. That is why you are so very special to all of us.

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