You CAN’T stay with your pet at the Vet!

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Re: You are not allowed to stay?


Good morning fellow dog, cat and other animal owners.

I had a great weekend camping with my family at a local
very warm lake called Christina Lake.

The weather here is VERY unseasonably HOT..It is topping
40 Degrees C or 100 Degrees F.

My children spent most of their time in the water, as did
our dog was the coolest place to be.

We were camping across the lake in a little more remote spot,
and Lewis woke us up in the middle of the night growling..

Something was crashing through the woods- Deer/Bear /Bobcat, but
it decided not to stick around with Lewis..Yet another reason to have
a dog.

We talked to a boater the next day who had said she had pictures of a mother
bear and 2 cubs in the same spot last week…

While I was there another camper asked me about a problem with their

Her dog has extreme separation anxiety, so she is reluctant to leave him
at the Vet. But the last time he had a small laceration, she asked
to stay with her dog until he was under anesthetic, and they refused.

She was told that the “Policy” is that owners are NOT allowed to stay-

She asked me what I thought?

My answer: That is GARBAGE. It comes from the “old days”, when pets
were not really seen as part of the family.

Would you allow a “real” hospital to take your child and not see them
until the next day..NO!

So why is this still allowed?

Because many of the Veterinary Practices have yet to get just how valued
dogs and cats are.

And these same practitioners are NOT going to teach you alternate ways
for you to Heal your pet at home. They seem themselves as THE EXPERT,
and you are the little knowing pet owner.

It’s time for a change my friends, and YOU {!firstname}, are leading
the way.


P.S. There are many, many things that you as a pet owner can do at home,
including home remedies for separation anxiety.

TO become an empowered pet owner you can check out:

It’s Your Pet. Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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  1. Hi my name is Kandy dumm I’m not sure if deserveit any more than anyone els but as a dog resure and trainer my husband lost his job and we are just getting back on ower feet.and some times its tough with 3 dogs, and two children, it would also be great to have for my dog clients when they have questions about careing for there dogs.
    thank you keep up the great work. Kandy Dumm

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